Lacrosse Murder Trial: What Is Defense's Case?

The prosecution wrapped its case with testimony from George Huguely's teammates.
1:33 | 02/16/12

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Transcript for Lacrosse Murder Trial: What Is Defense's Case?
-- -- to the UVA lacrosse murder trial the defense now underway after prosecutors wrapped up Wednesday with stunning testimony from the accused killer's own teammates. They say George -- lied about seeing -- -- loved in the final hours before she died. ABCs Reno nine and a new member of our ABC family has more from Washington good morning arena and. Well good morning Robin the defense team began their first day of testimony asking that first degree murder and lesser charges be dismissed. The judge denied the motion saying there was enough evidence to support charges George who believe murdered Yardley love. The defense team began their case by setting up one crucial point university of Virginia's senior Yardley love died by accident -- arguing she suffocated on a pillow covered with her own blood. Where she was found face down. They brought in a medical expert to support that claim. But didn't explain how old love and -- up that way defense attorneys have maintained all along that George you -- once in the room with the Yardley. He knocked down the door shook her. And may have even grabbed her by the neck. But he did not killer. And -- jubilee claims she was fine when he left the defense could be facing a tough battle after the prosecution delivered to big blows before wrapping up their case this week medical experts testified severe trauma to the head. Caused her bring to hemorrhage. Injuries that according to these experts could not have been self inflicted. Certainly the prosecutions than a great job of showing how the medical evidence fits with the testimonial evidence from earlier in the case and it's been very powerful. And Wednesday the prosecution called -- -- closest friends teammates and roommates who all testified. He'd lied about where he was the night Yardley love died. One friend saying his story quote. Was an adding not one of the last witnesses the prosecution called -- police friend Ken Claussen said hugely came back to his apartment after midnight. Following the alleged incident with love and was -- responsive. Claussen said he -- you -- repeatedly what's wrong with you. And he said he got no response. Just blank stares she -- took note says his friends testified. And tried making eye contact with them defense. Arguments might be enough to get involuntary manslaughter conviction instead of -- murder conviction which received this defendant many years in prison. The prosecution has -- fifty people to the stand the defense has yet to present a list of witnesses. Who will testify and it isn't clear of George -- we will take the stand in his own defense. Court resumes later this morning.

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{"id":15674872,"title":"Lacrosse Murder Trial: What Is Defense's Case?","duration":"1:33","description":"The prosecution wrapped its case with testimony from George Huguely's teammates.","url":"/GMA/video/luva-acrosse-murder-trial-defenses-case-15674872","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}