Mackenzie Phillips Clears Her House and Mind

The "One Day at a Time" star reached out to "Extreme Clutter" for help.
4:47 | 01/02/12

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Transcript for Mackenzie Phillips Clears Her House and Mind
-- lot of us that means a new start by digging out from all that holiday clutter. But for some serious quarters that's a crippling challenge extreme clutter on our own network aims to help them. In -- kick off to new year with a familiar face MacKenzie Phillips I can't -- sat down with -- talk about it -- he joins us now good morning camp happy new year. -- senior year to you George that's right MacKenzie Phillips of course is best known for her role -- one day at a time. Reached out to Peter Walsh host of extreme clutter to help her with the clutter in her Los Angeles home. But she did just end up with a clean house she also cleansed her life and her soul. For the last few years MacKenzie phillips' life has been a very open book -- revelations of teen drug use. And allegations of family sex abuse and -- tonight's episode of extreme clutter she reveals another secret she's been harboring. Until now and what's in his bag. Her home in Los Angeles for more than two decades has slowly become entrenched. In alkaline water clothing objects even drug paraphernalia. -- how embarrassing symbols of her life all bottled up in one rather it was extremely cluttered house with a sense for pedophiles. What kind of -- we don't I don't know I don't. The whole thing about about extreme color about the issue. He's that it helps people. Redefined. Their relationship to that -- the first step is to identify what needs to stay and what needs to go handwritten sheet music. My my father this really valuable and this is the regional sheet music written by. Don Imus John -- yeah. Okay. Okay. This is. Street right here things that I chose to keep obviously photos photo albums. I'm all my -- from one day at a time like you always say yeah -- -- can learn from our mistakes. But letting go of your clutter is no easy task everything in this house or you'll have to -- your house. You have born into that -- and in this case the stuff that mankind was really. Crippling. -- in the episode she literally axes and breaks apart and old desk where she had sat and shot up drugs. Part of her deep cluttering it can affect its self healing. It's not like looking around at the stuff in my house made me want to go she drugs again I don't know really fascinating the episode that. Really it's us that gives these objects the power and it's part of what you do in these shows. -- -- -- -- And you know yeah. Great but some happy news in her inventory and this couch will be returned to her sister beat you Phillips. They haven't talked in years but big sister MacKenzie save the sentimental piece of furniture for her who accepted it. More -- it -- she would love to have our fathers couch and so early next week and her assistant. Is coming with a truck to pick -- this is the bedroom and as she showed me around her bedroom and its closets once heard deepest caves of Porter. I noticed a problem while wood MacKenzie I am dedicated to keeping it as beautiful as it was the data we talked about how even though we've heard so much about her dark days. For almost -- She helped bring laughter to millions I think our I don't know. I happen to know somebody who had a had a tough childhood -- and told me that watching you on television. At night. Helped him get through -- tough times as a kid comes up. That's beautifully and I find that emotional that one day at a time could actually help someone get through. A difficult time that's really rewarding -- -- -- something tell me what comes from her room if you recognize it is just with the lyrics to have a feeling -- know it's coming. This is that -- is that this is life. -- when you get to. I'll have -- But while you're here enjoy the view keep on doing what you do hold on key will muddle through in -- time. One today at a time just like MacKenzie -- recovery and her. Incidentally she did not throw out that rare hand written piece of music written by her famous father. Despite the terrible dark secret she revealed about him she decided to hang on to that just a little bit and you -- -- thanks very much.

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{"id":15273058,"title":"Mackenzie Phillips Clears Her House and Mind","duration":"4:47","description":"The \"One Day at a Time\" star reached out to \"Extreme Clutter\" for help.","url":"/GMA/video/mackenzie-phillips-clears-house-mind-15273058","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}