Macklemore & Ryan Lewis on 6 VMA Nods, Upcoming Tour

Music duo discuss success since a track on their independent album scored a No. 1 hit.
2:25 | 08/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis on 6 VMA Nods, Upcoming Tour
Thanks for having us. I love this story. What a year for you. It has been 20 years since an independent album has had a number one hit. That was lisa loeb with "stay." You have two of them and counting. Crazy. Wow. 12 months ago, could you ever have imagined all of it? No. 12 months ago, we were in the process of finishing the album and had no idea if anybody in america would even like the music we were about to put out. I think they like it. Mtv music award. SIX NOMINATIONS AT THE VMAs. And a special announcement. We're telling you for the firs time -- thank you for allowing us to do this. Macklemore and ryan lewis will be performing "same love" at the VMAs. That's a big deal. How does it feel to be nominated to be leading the pack and performing live? It feels crazy. TO PERFORM ON THE VMAs IS A Privilege. We're very, very excited. It's going to be a special night, I think. A very special night, indeed. And then, to add to that, first arena tour. Madison square garden theater, being one of them. You had to add a date. This is also breaking news. They added a third date, november 15th because it sold out. I didn't know that myself. I didn't, either. Thank you for telling us. When you think of performing at a place like the garden, it takes it to a whole other level. It's not a club. Big venues. What's that like for you guys? You know, it's the same thing. The thing that is important about our live performance is keeping the intimacy. We started playing in front of 20 people, 40 people, 60 people. And you get into the 10,000 region years later. And what's important to me is to be able to connect with the fans like it was 20 people. I think you do that. You guys are from seattle. Yes. A town with such a musical history. Absolutely. Big influence, kurt cobain and pearl jam that came before you. Jimi hendrix. Thank god for the pacific northwest. The music world certainly does.

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{"id":19980408,"title":"Macklemore & Ryan Lewis on 6 VMA Nods, Upcoming Tour","duration":"2:25","description":"Music duo discuss success since a track on their independent album scored a No. 1 hit.","url":"/GMA/video/macklemore-ryan-lewis-interview-2013-macklemoregma-artists-vma-19980408","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}