Exclusive: Inside Bernie Madoff's Family

Stephanie Madoff Mack calls father-in-law Bernie Madoff a "monster."
3:39 | 10/21/11

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Transcript for Exclusive: Inside Bernie Madoff's Family
Bernie Madoff wrecked hundreds even thousands of lives the clients He defrauded out of millions and their families. But it was one member of his own family who may have lost the most Stephanie -- -- was made to Madoff son mark who killed himself. Tormented by his father's crime. Actually telling her story in new book the end of normal and she sat down with 20/20 anchor Chris Cuomo for an exclusive interview there's so much pain that fans. There is so much -- note the name the new normal is it just great for the book. But it also marks a period during a big stock crash and all of us lost faith in financial institutions and Bernie Madoff became the face and we've always wanted to know how could this have happened. What did people know what was it like there is one person who bears no stain from the situation but all of the pain. That is Stephanie Madoff -- she lost something nobody else did she lost the most important person in her life and now she tells the story in this new book. And it's something you going to want to see. -- Stephanie says in her book that mark lost both of his parents on the day Bernie confessed. That's because He refused to see his mother Ruth as long as she stood by Bernie side. He could understand how she could continuously. Standby. This man -- -- willing to sell many lives of the willing to -- -- It was now October 2009 -- -- -- still haunted by his mother's decision. Stephanie lashed out -- -- to deal with his mother head on instead of being you know inside and mark tolls or -- He just couldn't. And instead -- something much worse. She said you know what I'm -- -- leaf. I'm gonna leave after about an hour and a half -- ice I got I started to get scared. Fear would turn to panic after she checked the medicine cabinet and all the pills were gone. And I -- so scared. By 8 o'clock in the morning I thought the worst and I saw out of the corner of my and I -- man come in and just go on to my bed and it was mark. And I was so happy and they break. It's this one of the most difficult parts both the fun for me this is not easy to remove. So anyways so when He came back and He was completely out of things else he'd taken pills keeps -- about thirty Ambien and thirty you. -- the -- of hand -- something like that He tried to kill himself that night. Mark was admitted into a psychiatric ward after his suicide attempt where He issued an ultimatum to the mother. Who He thought had betrayed him. Mark said that should He will never speak to her again. Unless she stops all contact with Bernie and it doesn't happen my husband is lying in a psych ward. -- swallows sixty plus kills -- trying kill -- so. And you're still gonna. Stand by Bernie a monster. What would make him take his life. What was it about his mother that made him so upset. These are -- -- questions and only Stephanie can answer and she doesn't book. Chris you spend so much time on this story and you really believe those -- there's nothing that secures what I believe is an attorney. There's no reason to believe they knew we all think they -- because of their name. All the different investigative agencies not even the subject of an investigation never charged but it was a stain again. Mark felt he'd never get away from it be consumed right that name and never get -- OK Chris -- -- -- -- to -- the -- -- -- tonight. -- 20:20 10:9 central on ABC on Monday Stephanie Madoff -- is going to be here she's gonna talk to Robin live right here on --

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{"duration":"3:39","description":"Stephanie Madoff Mack calls father-in-law Bernie Madoff a \"monster.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14785937","title":"Exclusive: Inside Bernie Madoff's Family","url":"/GMA/video/madoff-brings-end-normal-sons-wife-14785937"}