Madonna Manages Career, 4 Kids and Stress

The Material Girl discusses raising her four children as a single mother.
2:48 | 03/12/12

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Transcript for Madonna Manages Career, 4 Kids and Stress
That's Madonna. That's her brand new song we're playing but her public persona as they -- gone wild yeah exactly mirroring her private life. The superstars picking out about her struggles with a single mom -- -- she's balancing at all agencies -- As Madonna still. Here's a sneak snippets of Madonna's latest. Rolled -- offering. Find work. -- -- -- -- hope she's struggling 53 year old divorcee. It's hard work having four kids and doing all the work are you do she told the sun newspaper sometimes I feel. My head is going to -- -- On her new album and DNA she sings. Children on their own go to flat on the boat would be depressed by it -- -- this. To impress. And on the tragic deaths of Whitney Houston and Amy wine has when you reflect and think. How did the people -- random -- -- theft happened. And very sage advice for the -- -- of the day at delve deep integrity NN Seoul the people you surround yourself. There are rumors Madonna -- a struggling single mom is mulling a marriage proposal from her cougar -- brick -- a young very young French breakdowns it. She -- -- matrimony. Just feeling like a part of being a part of a family unit. And not having to make -- positions on my own. -- not much older than her daughter Lourdes what he really a big daddy. None of my business and -- -- -- Madonna gave -- Cynthia McFadden an idea of how things actually market tests at Chicago who makes the food. Everybody I I have a cook. My daughter likes to -- my son likes to cut. You have anything you can cook -- nannies cook my housekeeper cuts the drivers cut. Everybody connects to to cook. Anything you know what I do everything else. -- and another unusual money challenge. Keeping her kids away. -- here's a surprise the high school queen of -- says she is quite anxiety ridden about her upcoming tour. And on the single parenting juggle Robin she says multitasking. Is her middle name and those that include helping the kids out with homework. Apparently she took a break from French homework to give this interview she says her French is terrible apart from the swear words you know -- But that -- -- sets you up for that didn't expect the all right -- bank thinks that life goalie saves a nugget.

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{"id":15901165,"title":"Madonna Manages Career, 4 Kids and Stress","duration":"2:48","description":"The Material Girl discusses raising her four children as a single mother.","url":"/GMA/video/madonna-manages-career-kids-stress-15901165","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}