Madonna's New Best Friend

Andrea Riseborough has been seen everywhere with the singer recently.
5:18 | 01/27/12

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Transcript for Madonna's New Best Friend
-- to Madonna the superstar once starred in the movie who's that girl but now everyone's asking that question the woman seen with Madonna on the red carpet. We can tell issues that lead actress and Madonna's new movie and Nightline co -- of independence from McFadden recently talked with the rising star and I have to admit -- did -- -- who. Without you are now going to now her name is Andrea rise -- as she is being seen everywhere when Madonna these days even the Golden Globes so. What does Madonna have to say about her movie started what does the movie star have to say about -- Perhaps she's best known as the woman on Madonna's -- these days sharing any number of red carpets with the material -- -- don't know who she is married a few months. Andrew -- -- Borough has an astounding. Five films coming out -- year. With the Hollywood comedies like five Lowell and Jason Bateman games and -- the -- And she'd just landed -- new old starring opposite. Tom Cruise. I think it's very excited to -- And threw me just. Favorites with anticipation -- she -- she was Madonna's date to the Golden Globes this past Sunday what's it like to go out in this circumstance like that before. It's really it's it's a trip. One cast member mentioned by name when McDonald won the award for best song on rare -- -- -- sitting right in front of me because. -- -- Half performance in my film is. He's a masterpiece. -- -- -- feeling thinking in that moment I felt as very lucky and and it was so. And they so so very kind of -- Masterpiece of her performances in Madonna's new movie W -- -- girl plays Wallace Simpson the duchess of Windsor the American divorcee from whom king Edward the eighth gave up the throne. Does legacy siblings and play a character in the NC -- and like yes. -- wasn't why you have a little expression that I -- the dot just. He's undefeated to succeed Collins -- It comes to you -- -- The woman -- -- Sydney and it -- -- -- -- single 1520 minutes to do that she's very likable when I talk with Madonna about the movie recently. We met in the grand royal -- of the Waldorf Astoria. Where the duke and duchess of Windsor. Often stage during their years -- When they came into town. A lot of the times their friends with them there -- -- -- Renoir so that take us tonight you know. Make him feel welcome minute home which I think is -- -- you know -- never in my capacity. You have a -- closer. Yes. China -- that. So tumbled -- tell me about the first time you -- in the met Madonna. Seems a little if she's -- little intimidating sometimes I thank our Amanda ahead opening door and being very. And -- Clinton graceful and then was so passionate and talked about the project with such tenacity in -- -- I was just actually taken -- to. And -- from the moment we spent every day to get -- the next seven months until we finish the film. British girl -- meticulously researched outfits and in fact the film just picked up an Oscar nomination for best costume design. We were we were so fortunate. One seamstress who got on my feet instead -- crying when she -- -- -- come together it was. What and reading Asian experience. The jewelry would make any woman feel like royalty. They. Like the duchess is Cartier bracelet with the jewel crosses. RTA made a replica for the movies -- but I told me when she asked to keep -- She did a surprising answer -- could expect no. Yes they did they simply can't be considered a work of art but then as a consolation prize they made this recent -- -- in the asked me what stones I wanted to cross is to be made -- and I asked for the -- stones have All My Children. Stamp so there I have -- I have this like us flashbacks. And although the woman playing Wallis Simpson didn't get a new tools she did get a special gift bathroom I had a gag gift. That I was given by my directed. We tell us what it once it's a very beautiful. Signed. Picture -- sent and signed by -- -- -- I think it would be safe to say the true level of celebrity is about to go it to the next phase of whatever that. -- -- -- I don't know is there comes from Sampson didn't -- -- actually famous. Assets had to be successful. And I realize now that meeting what I want to be happy and -- I am. Andrea by W that you are a lot more battered Robin if you went up close my daughter an indirect have become they -- dressed together to go to the Golden Globes. I think it's what we have girls talking about on the red carpet share -- we talked about Hemingway the whole way down a red carpet it's okay. They have they have is she ready for this started with economic five major films I think the -- a lot it's a lot and I think I think she's. She's she's a fine actress I think the celebrity part of it takes a little getting used him.

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{"id":15455812,"title":"Madonna's New Best Friend","duration":"5:18","description":"Andrea Riseborough has been seen everywhere with the singer recently.","url":"/GMA/video/madonnas-best-friend-andrea-riseborough-acress-15455812","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}