Madonna's Personal Trainer Reveals Star's Workout

Nicole Winhoffer is a professional dancer and personal trainer to the Material Girl.
4:02 | 02/11/13

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Transcript for Madonna's Personal Trainer Reveals Star's Workout
You can't take your eyes of her. Also totally watchable, cynthia McFadden. Well, well, well, folks. I'm here because I have intervied madonna many times as you know. Now I had a chance to go with the woman who makes her body rock hard. Her new trainer, nicole winhoffer. I'm not into this. But take a look. Great. Reporter: She brings down the house with chart-topping songs like vogue. ♪ Come on, vogue ♪ Reporter: Wows fans with jaw-dropping dance moves. This video, the first time I was broadcast was shot by madonna's team during her last tour. ♪ ♪ I'm a different kind of girl ♪ ♪ respect yourself ♪ Reporter: And no, she was not born this way. Like the rest of us, she has to work at it. But for the past 3 1/2 years, she's had a secret weapon. This woman, 28-year-old nicole winhoffer. A professional dancer and madonna's personal trainer. To watch her por form is to see a real athlete at work. It's staggering. Amazing. It blows my mind. We come up with exercises to help facilitate that movement on stage. Reporter: It's a high-energy dance workout with strength training. Meant to give the superstar stamina for her nonstop concerts. How many days a week do you work out together? We work out six days a week. Reporter: Six days? If you want to look like that, you have to be consistent. She makes it part of her life. Reporter: Six days a week, two hours a day. Cow can do it, too. Nicole will take you through madonna's workouts in a video. She says anyone can do it. I'm not sure that means a couch potato like me. Let me show you two moves. Reporter: This is called the purpley, one of madonna's favorites. We're going to pop the butt back. Reporter: I may not be joining the tour anytime soon. I'm ready to give the workout a try. Here's the ins trags. I want to be madonna from the neck down. While using a chair, how she fires up the gruts and quads. Already, I'm behind. This is the warmup? I'm plenty warm. After just ten minute, I'm ready to quits. Madonna, I'm never going to be you. What keeps the pop star motivate snd who does she listen to? We listen to missy elliott, jay-z, kanye, beyonce. We have two deejays that make play lists for us. Reporter: I'm 100% shocked to find out that one of those dee yas added a familiar voice. They remixed interviews over beats. Reporter: You to have any idea what it is. I don't know. I'm like, who is that? And it's you. Play the music. ♪ it feels reductive. Reporter: Nabt's the secret. Make your own recording. I'm never going to be known for working out. If anyone can inspire me to get back in the gym, she's adorable. Nicole, her addicted to sweat workout series the available online. Six days a week, two hours? Literally, ten minutes in, I'm going, are we done yet? A workout that is literally reductive. Look it up. It was a kick, guys. The butt back. Yeah. There you go. Cynthia, you're game. I'm game, I'm game. I'm sore, too, let me say that.

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{"id":18464850,"title":"Madonna's Personal Trainer Reveals Star's Workout","duration":"4:02","description":"Nicole Winhoffer is a professional dancer and personal trainer to the Material Girl.","url":"/GMA/video/madonnas-personal-trainer-reveals-stars-workout-18464850","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}