Maggie Gyllenhaal on Playing Secret Service Agent, Working With Tatum

"White House Down" actress discusses her career and family on "GMA."
3:41 | 06/27/13

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Transcript for Maggie Gyllenhaal on Playing Secret Service Agent, Working With Tatum
Oscar-nominated actress, has starred in a little bit of everything. Indy films like "secretary" and "crazy heart." And maggie gyllenhaal, teaming up with channing tatum, in "house down." Here she is interviewing john for a job. You did three tours in afghanistan? And you were bounded. Yes, ma'am. You received a silver star for pulling a dash rolls do et from a burning humvee? Why? I was concerned it was too warm in there. Downstill think grip is the way to go here. A thrill to have maggie join us this morning. Your first approach to be in this movie. You have a 4 week-old-child, your second. Did it give you pause to understand that you would be shooting this movie with a newborn. Yeah. I didn't want to do the movie. Roland emmerich. I wasn't going to work. I had a 4-week-old baby. And he really convinced me. You have a career. I love careers like yours, where there is a little bit of everything. You can perhaps satisfying acting one way. And you can settle into something like that. Another blockbuster. Can you feel the balance? In terms of acting, I think of them in the same way. But it's nice to like a movie that many, many people will see. There's something nice about being in a movie. This movely have is a party. You're supposed to yell at the screen. Oh, you -- does not let you go. It really doesn't. You're shooting this with a newborn. And channing became a father himself. I was reading and I'd love for you to tell us. He was saying, it's wonderful and hard, every day. And I know emma thompson, said something to you about that. If you could encapsulate it for us. I was working on a movie with her. A long shoot. I had a little baby. I had just gotten married. We had a tough day one day. And I just burst into tears. And it's a lot like the woman i play in this movie. She's this professional woman. She's sport, capable, powerful. But she's like every other woman in the world. Every other person in the world, who is actually also vulnerable and scared and overwelling and con ease theed. That's awe I felt about that moment in emma. You can't do anything perfectly or nearly perfectly. And you will make mistakes. And you have to accept that is part of being a human being. I thought that this morning. And a friend of mine said, all these people are human. You're not making many mistakes. We thank you. You make this show better. And you make this movie wrufl. Thank you. It ice "white house down" and a terrific ride. COMING UP HERE.Test message Test Text1 underline

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{"id":19506317,"title":"Maggie Gyllenhaal on Playing Secret Service Agent, Working With Tatum","duration":"3:41","description":"\"White House Down\" actress discusses her career and family on \"GMA.\"","url":"/GMA/video/maggie-gyllenhaal-white-house-interview-2013-19506317","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}