Magic Number That Could Fix America's Weight Problem

Why a spare tire isn't just a metaphor.
3:00 | 03/04/14

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Transcript for Magic Number That Could Fix America's Weight Problem
On average most Americans are about twenty pounds -- waste which means about two thirds of the country. Is considered either overweight or obese so we wondered what if everyone lost twenty pounds who would experience. -- -- enjoy it loses in the city -- -- be associated with an increase in wages. June 225 point 6% -- my -- to -- Here's the deal. More than 217. Million of -- are either overweight or obese -- importance to our body mass index. That number is a ratio of -- to -- way higher -- higher number on the scale. If all of -- dropped twenty pounds the average America. Already on the border -- -- -- on the -- of being rolled away when he the -- between. And -- -- and possibly. Swindling women out of thousands of dollars. For thirty years of economic researchers have been tracking a group of nearly 70000. American. Different races economic levels and educational background. They found a surprising relationship among white women showing heavier women -- earning less. -- -- -- Could add a few zeros to some paychecks should she -- there really is sort of a negative slope. And so heavier white females tend to earn less figure paychecks for women. Bigger bottom lines for businesses. Every year. Because of his work caused by wind related issues and for those who are calling us. Losing twenty pounds -- save billions healthcare and but different states tip the -- a little different take Alabama of the five heaviest states where one in three residence is through weeks. It would save about 3.2 billion dollars in health care costs. Money that could plump up another sector. -- Fashion retail. They would be a big resurgence of domestic production. Would be amazing for the economy particularly right here in the garment center in New York in the other you know industrial areas. -- -- few of them they'll do pretty stunning sewing machines would be furiously cranking out smaller garment. To -- are slim down physique its new bodies new wardrobe. It's time to shop. The average size would go down its twelve it would go down. Fourteen and had a -- but the big. The chance of the US without any sport competition from design sketch -- -- takes us companies about. -- regard. For other countries about one month twenty pounds could mean more made in the USA labels at the store. Fighting for shelf space with breakfast cereals. I felt -- Consume breakfast daily. Usually tend to have -- lower BMI. Snow -- definitely see probably a major marketing push toward increasing breakfast in -- So we'll have to get -- a little earlier by the return of those twenty pounds. Guys it'll be -- we have seen that men who tend to have higher release -- conference and a higher body mass index -- every night. Ten to experience symptoms of sexual dysfunction as well -- -- more frequently and it's not. They should -- that you -- dramatic. There -- stated that being late. The others would -- would -- -- -- it's not just would be jewelry. Albeit this schools diseases. -- of -- -- the absence. Fundamental basis of what -- points.

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{"id":22765024,"title":"Magic Number That Could Fix America's Weight Problem","duration":"3:00","description":"Why a spare tire isn't just a metaphor.","url":"/GMA/video/magic-number-fix-americas-weight-problem-22765024","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}