Magician Dynamo Levitates Alongside Double-Decker Bus

The illusionist's stunned people on the streets of London with his latest feat.
2:05 | 06/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Magician Dynamo Levitates Alongside Double-Decker Bus
It involved that day. I didn't think we thought about this for the show and I liked to have moments for everybody to sort react. There's no moment that this is this a weird this is a weird one take a look this is in London. You know the double Decker buses the -- take a look okay standing by he needs they didn't enormously sound -- down violently with shopping. -- high for player -- radio. -- I'll wait a minute that's a little bit unusual. And this is. His name me. Is Stephen. He's -- -- the dynamo dynamo the magicians even frame and they go out to some actually I got to take a look I can't. He is obviously it theoretically levitating off the side of a bus. Now will in turn will thought that maybe that's a fake arm that his arms actually tucked inside the will cannot -- -- -- well. Well yeah he's not only thirty days upstairs I always Nixon yeah so well what do you but still -- don't think we do not -- the deficit -- what do you think got to be some kind of support going on. His right arm and side these clothes that says. A good look and think are some sort of yeah yeah I think the only book is it's either that or he's actually -- if you sit here if you look really closely you can see two black wires that are attached to birds that are flying simultaneously. Talk about us. So the appearance is that he's actually but actually he's flying fears -- -- -- two very large -- act -- it's true. He does a double -- -- in Evernote and Evernote I also want to point out to -- tag in internal well. Well you did a great job and play of the day on the big -- -- He's thinking about hash tag but will got 11 time out I want -- -- -- sign you know it's not a -- -- executives going to be the last person to -- -- little -- cut.

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{"id":19482913,"title":"Magician Dynamo Levitates Alongside Double-Decker Bus","duration":"2:05","description":"The illusionist's stunned people on the streets of London with his latest feat.","url":"/GMA/video/magician-dynamo-levitates-alongside-double-decker-bus-19482913","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}