Maine Toddler Ayla Reynolds Disappeared From Home

Police have called on the FBI to join the search for the missing 2-year-old.
2:28 | 12/19/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Maine Toddler Ayla Reynolds Disappeared From Home
Get right to that frantic search for twenty month old below Reynolds. The toddler was last seen on Friday night police in Maine have called on the FBI the joined the search. And there are no major -- so far ABC's -- Davis is at Waterville Maine. With the late this morning. Good morning Robin this is where -- was last seen on Friday night at her father's house -- several adults -- inside the house of the time including one non family member but police are not ruling anyone out. Police plan to continue their search this morning scouring the neighborhood where twenty month old -- Reynolds was last seen. On Sunday canine units were brought in to track the little -- sent. The tow headed toddler spent Friday night here at her father's house where he says he -- to bed around 8 o'clock. Says when he checked on -- Saturday morning she was gone. Last seen wearing some Green pajamas with a white polka dots. That said. Daddy saw princess on the front of the pajamas. Reynolds parents live separately and share custody of the toddler US. -- out he'd take care parents 'cause -- -- fee and we've been unable to actually get along the last few weeks and parent together. Reynolds says she filed paperwork on Thursday to receive full custody of the toddler. One day before a -- went missing but says she hadn't told -- father. He didn't know I went to file them. -- not renowned but I never told him -- no one told have Reynolds says she hasn't spoken to -- father Justin since their daughter disappeared. I've had no contacts -- -- He's had no contacts with me late I notice he is a last minute scene my daughter and I want to knows where she is. Although only -- aren't speaking to each other. Both sides of -- family appear to be cooperating with police. We were able to us speak to them -- -- the data and the mom. And some other relatives in they -- as far as we could see very forthcoming with the information. I want -- -- home with her family when their mother with -- pop pop with her grandma -- with all of us I want her home I want her safe. And I pretty right now this is safe. We reached down Taylor's father for comment but have not yet received a response back it's also important to -- that -- was last seen wearing a soft cast she had apparently fallen and broken her arm. Several weeks ago.

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{"id":15187264,"title":"Maine Toddler Ayla Reynolds Disappeared From Home","duration":"2:28","description":"Police have called on the FBI to join the search for the missing 2-year-old.","url":"/GMA/video/maine-toddler-ayla-reynolds-disappeared-home-15187264","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}