Major Winter Storm Grips the Nation

Heavy snow and arctic cold battering the Midwest.
2:31 | 01/14/12

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Transcript for Major Winter Storm Grips the Nation
A huge -- of this country is dealing with really the first big winter storm of this winter with heavy snow -- called. Biting winds -- -- meteorologist -- -- is all over this story this morning -- good morning to you. Good money to Indiana good morning everyone I could show you hundreds of -- like -- snow and cold I can tell you that overnight Syracuse another lake effect snow -- got up to a foot of -- But it's going to take you getting up heading over the window or after this program heading out the door. To really feel it January is back. Vicious wind. And half a foot of snow. Plummeting -- it finally feels like winter. All across the northeast folks are shivering a friendly reminder it's January and no one is questioning. A -- it was -- one of these days you know. From Grand Rapids, Michigan to Buffalo, New York snow continued to pile up overnight. Parts of southwestern New York remain under a lake effect snow warning where snow was falling at the rate of an inch -- collar. Plows are trying their best to keep pace with the rapid snowfall. In New York City the wintry blast brought we could wind gusts of more than fifteen miles per -- Wind so strong they brought down this massive billboard on top of a major highway. This security camera video from the post newspaper catches the whole thing on camera. Just -- seconds a little to bomb. His home state surrounding the Great Lakes had seen dramatic temperature drops like Ohio where high temperatures plummeted nearly 25 degrees in one day. And as the storm continues to make its way across the north the midwest is in cleanup mode after this winter reality check dumped six inches of snow in Chicago. It's been ten years since that amount of snow has fallen so late in the season. I really think the biggest part this weekend that you're gonna have to look out for from the midwest the northeast is the -- because most of the wind and the snow is really dwindling look at the temperatures as of now this morning New York 2919. Buffalo eighteen in Flint, Michigan six from Minneapolis. Is not. But it's close and it's going to feel like get the wind chill is much smaller and won't get a whole lot warmer this weekend Burlington feeling like five below. Nine in Chicago the feels like in Cincinnati this morning. -- tent and this is not just reserved for the northeast we do see near freezing temperatures -- right -- in Jacksonville 3127. Atlanta this morning. The freeze warnings and -- here in northern Florida back through Louisiana and even southern Texas.

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{"id":15360897,"title":"Major Winter Storm Grips the Nation","duration":"2:31","description":"Heavy snow and arctic cold battering the Midwest. ","url":"/GMA/video/major-winter-storm-grips-nation-15360897","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}