Make Money, Get Extra Help with Task Rabbit

Service networking platform matches workers with small jobs.
5:56 | 12/01/11

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Transcript for Make Money, Get Extra Help with Task Rabbit
It's holiday season which means everyone has extra tasks and chores they need done wouldn't it be nice to have some announced that put your Christmas lights -- handle some of the holiday hassle. Well -- sporadic he service now working platform can help you find a little helper and perhaps even more importantly. Help you make a little extra cash right now. Here to tell us -- -- digests that is -- -- -- founder and CEO of -- gravitate -- -- Tory thanks for having me absolutely -- first quickly tell us how task rabbit works. Since it is an online and mobile marketplace for people looking at outsourcing all jobs and -- to others and their neighbor. Made its name the price they're willing to pay any -- group of what we call tax Graham let's get real -- alerted whenever jobs posted here. Very cool also how much can somebody realistically. -- As -- tax rabbit what are the going rates and -- -- even in a month time what can expect. He has some top task -- in -- market are cashing -- pup -- 5000 dollars a month they're picking up. Two to three tasks in gang add this tasks ranging from Aaron dry cleaning pick laps grocery deliveries they can be up to fifty dollars a pop. -- people are really making this summer on their full time job. And so I bet I would guess for somebody is making a lot of and they like that -- key is kind of grouping tasks and doing a whole lot of things for a variety of people. Absolutely in our platform is -- neighborhoods Centre so task rabbits can -- pick up jobs that are closest to now making group jobs again area. That makes everything efficient for everyone currently. All right so there are a bunch of different groups of people who might benefit from becoming a task -- -- the first stay at home moms or dads tell me about some of the popular tasks for this group of people that might work into their schedule. And also their talent and abilities. Cleanup these folks that are out running their own -- Annie -- every day -- going to places like target and cost them in grocery shopping. If someone in the neighboring red eagle -- needs them to pick up something at -- they really don't mind -- leave her and add some cases where. Some on the Lara asked saving money and taking and there are entire family is on a family vacation makes up the money they made -- -- -- Why young professionals those people who perhaps are not making as much money as they would want to -- needs -- in their full time jobs. Tell me some of the things that they might be able to do to cash in. Clean out that young professionals is a big -- -- is these these folks are working are ready a full week earned but they're also looking to supplement their incomes and they're letting -- expensive city is like. Rossini or in San Francisco -- so -- little X surpassed. On the night sent me this ad is really helpful banana an eight making me picking up their dry cleaning grab some -- dry cleaning is Clausen -- DNA. -- parents fits into their own schedules and it helps supplement their in comes as well. Opposite end of the spectrum retirees people -- have a lot of time but perhaps have some other limits beyond their time what are some things that they could potentially. Due to rake in the the big bucks on test -- it. Clean I think this is one of -- my most favorite most exciting groups and individuals that are tax rabbits on the -- I'm when he started the site actually -- -- and get a lot of college standings and that would be the main demographic. But very very surprised -- folks that. -- -- experiencing this they've had a full time job full time role they're retiring earlier in early air. And we just have a little bit of extra time on their hands they like India -- act it. They like the Indians helping other people in their neighborhoods. So there there really happy -- pitching and how and it has so much experience to share and this is a great way for -- and said maybe start a second career -- he left and they don't have to worry about being super tech savvy it's a pretty simple site for them tenacity. An absolutely yes these experience on the site is very simple very streamlined. Glad. And we've heard you know great experiences -- -- -- -- retirees he's utilizing -- -- seats and pick up tasks. I I read somewhere that I key is a a pretty popular -- -- People -- make a lot of money if they're out willing to a deal with stuff from IKEA. It's really mom and narrate trying to put that furniture to -- And Cadillac Elaine senator task -- are any experience in IKEA furniture assembly Snyder maintained its popularity. At crops all of the different cities that we -- we've launched an -- And finally out let me ask you -- are there any specific tips that you give to somebody who has not yet experience what it's like to be a task rabbit but is looking to get starred in is hungry about making money do you. Take me eighty some of the less desirable tasks just to be looks at build some experience and to be able to get going or what what something that we can do this sort of -- that -- entry. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As a special T specialists PLO and experience that they can utilize -- share with other people in their neighborhood and to figure out what answering them as if you're -- great writer and -- know how to Sadler. -- here -- mastered version shopper or IKEA furniture some lack. And -- strings -- an analyst for tasks that well not really enjoyed -- as well make a little extra cash on the sat. Having fun and making money today. All right thanks so much Leah thanks for coming in talking to less. Me. Get your holiday tasks done right away by going to task rabbit dot com.

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{"duration":"5:56","description":"Service networking platform matches workers with small jobs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15066931","title":"Make Money, Get Extra Help with Task Rabbit","url":"/GMA/video/make-money-extra-task-rabbit-15066931"}