Museum's 'Inhabitants' Receive Massive Facelift

The American Museum of Natural History gives its displays a facelift.
3:00 | 12/05/11

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Transcript for Museum's 'Inhabitants' Receive Massive Facelift
It is one of the world's most important scientific and cultural institution the American Museum of Natural History but -- -- this animals on display there of the looking -- A little long in the tooth shall we say now about private donor has stepped up to give them -- to an -- half a million dollar make over and I got a chance to go behind the scenes and learned. Exactly how they're giving legal beauty is a little nip tuck. Inside the famed American Museum of Natural History animal exhibits -- -- -- After decades -- during the glare of the spotlight clown. To show their age. How do you think it's not he is here it is not there for about seventy years old picture though Sony didn't say it's time to time I noticed some bald -- news. I notice you know soaring costs. -- like many feeling the effects of father time they're all getting a collective nick tell. Right to which animal has -- the worst I will -- tell probably the bison so the bison are getting full body lifts the moves are getting their roots down. I've heard they're getting some -- and his girls are getting great touchdown. It is a massive yearlong -- half million dollar project one of the rare times the animals are explodes. You feel like you're really in the habitat you feel like -- in this close to any animals and they sure don't feel bad. -- they look pretty good even surprised. Amazing considering most of these animals roam the wild over seventy years ago it helps that he's just been vacuum to remove this Jack -- just got. Delicately clean by hand and then evaluated far more extensive work. This is probably one of the most historic context that this music. If Hollywood stars love their plastic surgeons these animals love to his dying day he is trained artists -- again. Hair color wrist. And all around miracle worker. The oil -- that was used on the nose has faded over time so what I did is I repainted the nose. Actually have a nice soft fleshy look to me this is a female mountain lion -- In your professional estimation who is in better shape she is almost pristine and she's grown older crowd absolutely. The -- panoramic backdrops also -- thirties and forties are also being fresh and up. Skies becoming bloomer is snow becoming white. Company like -- nobody likes yellow snow and George says every dire -- here and every animal inside -- all of us -- differently. Like the mountain goats who had his eyes don't lead paint has peeled away from the back of the -- Giving the mountain goat cataracts don't know what -- headlines. So how much younger as he -- after your handiwork isn't about pity you. And back to those hard living bison who needed the most extensive work done. Dillard's I jobs and tough shots on those telltale roots. As you know place they're supposed to be blown they're supposed to be the next. So maybe they wanted to -- yet. What really -- off is that all of the bison in the background painting. We're all dark brown so was a dead giveaway easier than they are not my natural -- correct hate when -- So each animal was George most relieved he didn't have to -- -- and yes I was very happy I didn't have to do the porcupine because I don't think I would've gotten out of that schemes. -- results of this meticulous restoration are astounding. About the before and after on this North American grey wolf. Now -- with the cataracts no longer looks demonic. The -- has gone from monotone whites to having low in highlights. How about that washed out -- bison now a brilliant and now. Due to brighter -- fracture that's a woman's dream. I mean you don't want people to notice an otherwise you didn't just once in the trash yes so job well done I absolutely think given -- thank -- And that the famed hall of North American mammals will be reopened fully in 2012 -- -- is open go check it out really remarkable work in these are truly. Pieces of art.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The American Museum of Natural History gives its displays a facelift.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15087284","title":"Museum's 'Inhabitants' Receive Massive Facelift","url":"/GMA/video/makeover-american-museum-natural-history-inhabitants-receive-massive-15087284"}