When Making Fun of the News Makes the News

Jen Sorensen becomes first woman to win Herblock Prize for editorial cartooning.
3:00 | 05/23/14

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Transcript for When Making Fun of the News Makes the News
Hello and welcome to top line I'm -- -- at Yahoo! News and -- -- -- for May be seen in our guest today is Jen Sorensen an award winning cartoonist to actually just became the first woman to win. Claimed her block prize -- welcome. Thank you first woman to win the prize what took so long to -- Well -- -- started in 2004. So I guess they -- ten now winners before me and that actually represented fairly accurate ratio of men to women in political -- wants -- At roughly. So I don't begrudge the -- it really. In my speech I noted that -- I feel a kinship with Janet Yellen and she had to wait for fourteen Federal Reserve chairs where he was able to get on. After being. Preceded by fourteen -- I only have to wait for ten and Tom -- didn't Poland Alan Greenspan in locking up -- -- years. So the -- classically and we think of her -- The person definitely one of the forerunners of the one -- -- one big clock that tells the story you seem to do a lot more panels telling a story through a series of pictures what is it about that that you find to be useful and. -- -- so I'm part of the alternative school of cartooning. And I have always really like that multi panel format because you get a chance to talk about slightly more obscure issues and you can do little set up in the first panel in -- people are familiar with what you're talking about. And it sees me from having to label things -- -- teach you it's a background says this one particular. -- that you did I really liked the gentrification. Snack foods I. Have the same sort of puzzled response to high -- cupcakes so what was the inspiration for that. How did you set its accounting office and and what was the point we're trying to. Well I was living in Portland -- at the time which is. Probably the capital were identified snack foods although Austin, Texas rivals it used to be a trend sweeping the nation actually food trucks or following you when. And -- it didn't fit I'm just -- to all the critical cities. And so I guess the point I was trying to make was you know there is something comedic about really -- donuts. -- cupcakes. I'm park Brian's tattered start Judy you walk by half a cup -- torrents and that's just peculiar at well there's a place in Portland called voodoo down -- And that's a very popular tourist attractions -- the place in Seattle where -- spent some time just before. It's called cupcake -- and so I guess I was noticing this trend in the Pacific northwest a few years -- that's where really struck me. And that's that's what motivated -- parking. Another cartoon -- wanted to ask you about as he got my -- about the Affordable Care Act. And shortly after it was upheld by the Supreme Court Eurovision of a cartoon of John Roberts actually reading the cartoon in a little school in the background as head exploding yet. We are drawing cartoons like this. Do you have the audience in mind like that are you thinking not just about -- reading the alternative weekly might -- -- of the -- cinematic here on but the Supreme Court justice for the member of congress. Whether that's the person -- -- -- influence of the person's head might explode back. Here that the well I I've heard that sound like her teens have actually. Permeated the beltway and had have been seen. By some very important people so. That's always in the back my head my Janet Yellen -- -- -- passed around is that -- your vision when you're trying to say okay this is something that could not just in for people's thinking but actually. Influence the debate influence policy makers themselves. -- well that's the fantasy. It's always nice to think that it's being seen in -- change someone's mind usually it's about just picking -- really moves me. And to you know saying the best thing -- can possibly say about it and if it does get shared that's wonderful. -- Jen -- thank you very much thank you for having me. That's all the time we have this week for top line -- Yahoo! News Bolivia and -- and for ABC news I'm Rick Klein. You can watch us all week long abcnews.com. And news dot Yahoo.com. -- always. Click on aspects.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Jen Sorensen becomes first woman to win Herblock Prize for editorial cartooning.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23837242","title":"When Making Fun of the News Makes the News","url":"/GMA/video/making-fun-news-makes-news-23837242"}