Mystery Plane Possible Explanations

Col. Stephen Ganyard explains what may have gone wrong with the Malaysia Airlines flight.
3:00 | 03/12/14

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Transcript for Mystery Plane Possible Explanations
Lots more work to do. More from our aviation consultant Stephen ganyard. The new e-mail coming in overnight. S very specific and would be consistent with the flight path. The Vietnamese are investigating but there's reason to be skeptical of reports like this. There are, George. I mean at this point we have nothing else to go on so worth asking them to send an aircraft out to the location where this gentleman thinks he saw something but said, look, I saw it at 35,000 feet. It was burning and stayed in one piece. That's seven miles away. You can't even see an airliner in the day that far away. I've investigated mishaps where airplanes have disappeared and people think they see things but 90% in a mishap investigation, the individual reports things coming from people who think they saw something prove absolutely unhelpful. It's going to depend on what we get out of the black boxes. Malaysians doing back-ing practicing standing by the notion they did hear a radar ping in the straits of malacca but now are not sure. We've had these victory comments for the last couple of days. It's opened up the amount of area we've had to search. The good thing that came out of the presser this morning was that the Malaysians said they'll turn that radar data over to the ntsb an let them tell the world if they think this radar data showing the airplane moving off to the west was real data. So bottom line do you agree with John Brennan who said we can't rule anything out right now including terrorism? We can't. Anything is on the table. But we're back to a search area that's the size of Indiana. Think of flying over Indiana and saying, I have to find a spot five to ten miles heifer Indiana and have no clue where it is and have no idea to search. All right, thanks very much. Frustrating tore so many especially for the families.

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{"id":22872702,"title":"Mystery Plane Possible Explanations","duration":"3:00","description":"Col. Stephen Ganyard explains what may have gone wrong with the Malaysia Airlines flight.","url":"/GMA/video/malaysia-airlines-mystery-plane-explanations-22872702","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}