Mama June on 'How to Honey Boo Boo'

Reality-TV star talks about family's new book, next season's premiere.
5:37 | 07/15/13

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Transcript for Mama June on 'How to Honey Boo Boo'
their family to have a brand-new book call ed "how to be honey boo boo." New season starts soon but first take a look. Everybody start your engines. Go, mama, go. Reporter: That subtitled 7-year-old. I love pro wrestling so much because that's all my family does, wrestling and dog piles. Reporter: Along with mama june and the rest of these honey boo boo clan in season two, the self-proclaimed rednecked family takes on new adventures. Go! Go-karting and pro wrestling. Being backstage is awesome. Cause I can show off all my butt-kicking moves. The first season made sketti. I want butter, sketti and ketchup. Go-go juice and mud bogging famous but it's this family's unconventional love that keeps over 2 million viewers tuning in. As a mom I try to teach my girls good habits. Reporter: While not all the habits may be good, when it comes to fame the self-proclaimed coupon queen says she keeps her family grounded putting money they make from the show into trust funds for the girls and vowing never to live above their means. Whatever you do with your kids make your kids numbering one. No man, no woman. Your kids are number one. Reporter: If there's one thing mama juneaus how to do, it's love unconditionally. working the crowd like the superstar that she is. It's amazing. We're joined now by mama june. It's called "how to be honey boo boo" is the book. Yes. When I ask you about it in a minute, you went to the nation's capital and you visited the white house this past weekend. How was it? It was pretty good. I mean I thought it was a great experience. The white house and she's like i got obama's stuff now when she grabbed some of the grass. Was it what you thought it would be with the first family. It was like humid and we got gnats but not near as humid. It's sam's fault. The book, the "the complete guide on how to redneckognize the honey boo boo in you." Why did you want to write it? The fans have been asking for a long time for a book, posters and stuff and everything so this is how we thought we would do a book to read inside our life, our like, dislikes. Came out with the catchphrase importanted by a professional redneck. Don't try this at home. It's a neat catchphrase from the book. Great word you use. I saw you at the glad awards and you've become -- your family has become this phenomenon but anchoring it all is this wonderful love between a mother and her children and a family. Is it hard to -- is it hard to keep that with all of this swirling around. No, that's the big reason why alana is not here. We've been meeting fans on the road the last 12 days. She really loves new york. She's jealous because we're staying in times square. She -- I wanted her to stay at home and be able to enjoy ha having -- relax and she's begging me to send her on a plane so I don't want to wear out. That's how I am. I like kids to be kids. I don't want them to be a robot and perform when they need to be. We're all real -- who we are. What you see is what you get. A lot will see that. I went behind y'all barriers and took several pictures this morning. Hello to honey boo boo as I'm sure alana is watching. She's asleeping. We're not morning people. I want to also -- I know that your celebrity crush, you have said is one mario lopez and so -- I mean who out don't love mario. Big fan. We might -- just might have a special little something for you from one mario lopez. Oh, god. Hey, mama june, mario lopez here. I just wanted to wish you congratulations on your recent nuptials, sugar bear is a very lucky man to have a lady like you in his life and somebody told me that I happen to be your celebrity crush and I am extremely flattered. I'm a huge fan of yours and i wish you love and the best. And so -- thank you so much. Yes. I met him and courtney and when he spoke to me I was like -- he really knows who we are -- who doesn't love a.C. Slater and "saved by the bell." I'm with you. Watched every episode. Mentioned recent nuptials. What can you tell us about the ceremony? It was unconventional. I did -- see, I did not go with the whe dress so I think it's going to be -- you have to watch whether it was a wedding or a commit many ceremony so that will be the season finale and really looking forward to that. It is fair to say unconventional is a word that describes so very much this your life but honestly so wonderful to have you here.

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{"id":19667785,"title":"Mama June on 'How to Honey Boo Boo'","duration":"5:37","description":"Reality-TV star talks about family's new book, next season's premiere.","url":"/GMA/video/mama-june-honey-boo-boo-19667785","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}