'Think Like a Man Too' Cast on the Vegas-Themed Sequel

Kevin Hart and the gang discuss their much-anticipated sequel to the 2012 hit.
6:09 | 06/18/14

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Transcript for 'Think Like a Man Too' Cast on the Vegas-Themed Sequel
You know, that's been the theme all morning long. Whoa, ever since "Think like a man" opened at number one in 2012 fans have been asking, begging for a sequel "Think like a man too" opens Friday and the gang as you can see, oh, man, they are back and this time, it's Las Vegas, baby, where they get into all sorts of trouble. Going to talk to them in a moment. First let's take a look. Everybody, listen up. What I need to know is who's the boss in here? Because the new boss just walked in. That's right. Me and my crew, we just took this over. You got that? Ah! Mercy, please. We sprung them out of jail. They're here with us this morning. Kevin hart, Terrence Jenkins, romany and Gary Owen and jerry Ferrara. I just laughed. I don't even know where to begin with this. You had planned on the sequel even before the first one was over with, kev? No, actually, you know what, I think we talked about it. Because we left so much stuff on the table with the couples and where their relationships could possibly go so, you know, box office Numbers speak and because the first one did so well it was a no-brainer and all of the talk that was hypothetical became reality so we said let's take it and show how the couples evolve. Everybody evolves except my character. I'm the only one. I digress. Everybody else progresses. A great formula. Yeah, pretty much so. You were late to the game in progressing, I have to say. You know what, I didn't want to tell too much but I think -- I'm just -- looking for the right moment, you know, it was on my mind. I was ready. I had made the commitment on one level. It just hasn't made the commitment -- All the way through and you're still a little -- not so much of a momma's boy this time. You're working on it. My momma is a really strong woman in this film so it Tays my character a long time to break out of all that but he gets strong at the end. You appreciate you have two strong women. Yes, I do. Absolutely. We got to see more of you this time. Gary, and your wife, we didn't see you in the first movie. Didn't see her at all and you thought Wendi, she's terrific and you said you didn't really think that that was going to be the person cast as your wife. I didn't see her at all. Because, you know my wife in real life is black so this was a stretch for me because I -- I hadn't done that. You know, so -- it was like "Brokeback mountain" so it was like, okay. Nothing like "Brokeback mountain." I'm used to a color contrast in the bedroom. Whoa, same color. Two men, Gary. Okay, maybe it wasn't the best analogy. Sorry. "Crying game." That could get us into just a whole lot of trouble. You know, when the first time it was about relationships and this time around it's about the friendships and the guys are married. Some of them are married now, the characters and you have to maintain that friendship. How you found it. That's what kind of makes the first one work, the stories are great and you fall in love with the couples but then you feel that all these characters care about each other so when we get to Vegas for what is kind of a not so great idea, bachelor/bachelorette party on the wedding weekend on paper it makes for a great movie but in life -- The dumbest thing you can do in life. Michael, you were supposed to be the best man and Kevin's character think he is and that's when everything starts going awry. That's kind of the story of my life. You know, Kevin just stands in front and then all -- then he just kind of co-ops the attention at that point, you know what I mean so, yeah, I was supposed to be the best man but, I don't know, made for a better movie with this man being the best man. I love the way it was done. Such an innocent mistake but Cedric, you know, my character would assume that it was him and at that moment I'm standing there he didn't even lock eyes with me. Mike didn't even lock eyes with me but I knew he had to be talking to me and these guys put in a position, just let him have it. Let him and Mike's character Dominic is such a good guy, he's like, it's okay, you know, Mike, let him have it. We know what you meant. He's so honored but they're willing to let me have this because my character needs it. I need validation so much. So much in this movie. Just in the movie, not in real life. Real life I need nothing. I put on a party shirt. I'm happy. I'm happy, baby. But it's what so great the women have a little more time on screen. They're amazing. And the way that you all separately come together it just absolutely works, romany. Every time we did get to work with the girls on the set it felt leak a privilege because we didn't see them much but we knew they were having a great time and out instagraming us and tweeting us. Yeah. On set and we'd run into the girls and it was like a new energy came about when we saw them just in the hallways. We were going to come on "Good morning America" in bikinis to show them out but -- Oh. We -- We weren't. Terrence was the only one that felt like that. Really? I will -- Headline on E! News if you had done that the get your own show. The women honestly what they brought to this film is unreal. I mean they make the movie in my opinion, you know, in the first one you didn't get to see them together as friends and us adding that element, it's kind of what magnified it. You know, seeing them interact the way they did and bring us together, it just causes for great comedy but ultimately it wraps up in such a great story. It's hard sometimes for the sequel to be better than the first one out. Say it. Wow. It is. We did it. You did it. You did it. "Think like a man too" opens nationwide on Friday.

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{"id":24189740,"title":"'Think Like a Man Too' Cast on the Vegas-Themed Sequel","duration":"6:09","description":"Kevin Hart and the gang discuss their much-anticipated sequel to the 2012 hit.","url":"/GMA/video/man-cast-vegas-themed-sequel-24189740","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}