Man Celebrates 26 Years Voicing Elmo

Kevin Clash is the master puppeteer behind the loveable Muppet.
6:30 | 10/25/11

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Transcript for Man Celebrates 26 Years Voicing Elmo
-- a favor and get the little guys away from the TV for just a few minutes because. We're going behind the scenes way behind the scenes on Sesame Street if you've ever wondered how fan favorite alma manages to be so energetic and excited all the time. A new documentary reveals almost all three -- ABC's juju Chang spend some quality time went on -- she got the bottom of what makes an adorable little guy -- -- and it's it's a beautiful little secret Atlanta. -- say we up unprecedented access behind the scenes at -- from productions. It was just pulling back the curtain on -- there were big bolts of -- -- fabric and feathers and Muppet magic. But it quickly becomes clear that what makes Elmo come to life is not what is on the outside but the secret source of his personality on the inside. -- some nondescript bag but inside is a creature with the power to mesmerized millions of children the world over. Just -- yarder so referring fabric a little foam from -- PGA. How well look like a hug people on the content can -- former all -- well yeah. -- unfit to have to ask him. Elmo has a simple nature. -- -- -- -- in crop superb comic timing and a wide range of facial expressions -- monster. And -- Apple. But we confronted him about something shocking you might not know about -- Kevin Clash crew cabin clash. Talk to you don't. Seeing it -- is not -- used to be. -- -- -- They discover that I wasn't back to militant black man they don't look at me half most of the time they don't Elmo -- -- And this is master puppeteer Kevin Clash. -- -- Elmo but you can't be -- all the time because the only thing to do -- now mean I could workarounds and. But -- you they can't. Yeah yeah I have a Peter Pan syndrome. Kevin's journey from working class Baltimore to international stardom is chronicled in a new award winning documentary being -- It delves into -- early obsession with puppets you sowed. Eighty puppets. Yeah I will mom I'm -- had -- so when the singer sewing machine probably the age of 92 and within kids tease you about -- -- which -- puppets you play with balls and then argued in my first local television show -- right -- -- -- so that went way. And it became most likely to become a millionaire yes of course did that -- -- -- to become millionaire. Again not bad for a kid who plays with all know hello. The fourth given the little red monster who is forever three years old was almost tossed aside -- the first. Drawings and designs Elmo -- why they're much wider -- I'm very personal body but that's the first design them. And alma may have been -- -- you -- -- Don't seriously. Not only. It's the -- that launched a toy phenomenon. At only eighteen inches almost stands tall in the pantheon of Jim Henson's -- creation. You open has always have and I are lying eight -- for me. -- -- -- -- -- how He and Kevin maintains the Henson legacy and that's what that's actually what's inside Alamos on oh million -- Perhaps the only regret for a man who's entertained the world's children. Is that his own child after his divorce felt neglected since she actually came to you and said dad you need to pay attention -- -- Well -- and your child can do that in the second. Bring you -- direct -- to death. And she did in an end and and we're the better -- and -- the -- are still long at public events. Kevin -- -- and -- each and every child. -- -- -- like He had. -- -- Elmo loves every one which is why perhaps every one -- film. Can I tell you run don't walk to see being -- -- just opened in theaters but it's the darling of the film festival circuit it's winning prize after prize. Larry including at Sundance at one enterprise and I just asked to isn't appropriate can we take her kids to see this -- I think you know the spoiler alert above the age of say 567. But can kids of all agency -- the -- it's just and there are and -- secret of elmo's voice how. Kevin found his voice haven't actually only has five voices and what magic He can do with those -- voices but really I think. My theory is that it is the unconditional love his -- We are counting on. He okay let's talk Halloween real -- what do you make a pumpkin. Up and not have to. Her facts and not real apparent now our news dot and the beast and now I'm a little immediately -- some literature retreating with -- but you get good -- Just pass it from me and I -- totally Indians just just not true that gap between. -- Hello I know your three I and a three year old who were just pacifier he's been picked it to -- -- -- -- -- don't try and but -- -- -- What I'm pretty happy to take -- He have -- -- just pacifying. You don't want that's awesome that's a big deal -- -- only meaningful to her right for -- mono. Arlene congratulations on the top of iron and -- great job everybody check out there and -- why we're down with him it's all -- -- on while millions of.

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{"id":14808979,"title":"Man Celebrates 26 Years Voicing Elmo","duration":"6:30","description":"Kevin Clash is the master puppeteer behind the loveable Muppet.","url":"/GMA/video/man-celebrates-26-years-voicing-elmo-14808979","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}