Man Convicted in Wife's Killing Granted Retrial

Brad Cooper's defense argued that he was denied the right to present testimony from 2 key witnesses.
2:41 | 09/04/13

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Transcript for Man Convicted in Wife's Killing Granted Retrial
begin with the second chance at freedom for a north carolina man convicted of killing his wife. After a five-year battle, an appeals court has granted a new trial to brad cooper, who has always insisted he is innocent. Dan abrams and nancy grace here to weigh in. First, the latest on the case from abc's linsey davis. Good morning, lyinsey. Reporter: This morning, brad cooper is one step closer to having his day in court again. His lawyer says, she anticipates crucial testimony about her client's computer could just set him free. Brad cooper deserves a retrial. That's the ruling of an appeals court that agrees with the defense's argument that cooper's attorneys were denied the right to present testimony from two, key witnesses. If anyone knows anything, i just want them to contact the police. Reporter:34-year-old nancy COOPER DISAPPEARED ON JULY 12th, 2008. Her husband claims she went for an early morning jog and never returned home. Two days later, her body was found. Nancy was murdered. And our investigation is now a homicide. This is the single most tragedy that's ever befallen our family. Reporter: Prosecutors alleged cooper killed her. Upset over his wife's plans to divorce him and move to canada with their two daughters. The only direct evidence linking him to the murder, a google search on his laptop, showing the exact spot where her body was later discovered. Cooper says he's innocent, alleging anyone who had access to his computer during the investigation, could have planted that evidence. Find bradley cooper to be guilty of first-degree murder. Reporter: The jury didn't buy it. In 2011, he was convicted of first-degree murder, sentenced to life in prison without parole. But in tuesday's 56-page ruling, the appeals court said the judge should have allowed the defense's two computer experts to testify that cooper's computer could have been tampered with. And not doing so, constituted reversible error, requiring a new trial. In a statement to abc news, cooper's attorney says, she is very happy with the decision. Saying, brad's trial was so unfair. I do not think in all of my 33 years of practice have I seen a case where a defendant was so completely stymied or prevented from presenting his defense to the critical issues in this case, no matter what he tried, than in this case. Cooper's lawyer says the two witnesses who were not allowed to testify would have provided evidence that the google map files on his computer had, in fact, been tampered with. She says anyone with a little computer knowledge could have placed those files on his computer.

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{"id":20151485,"title":"Man Convicted in Wife's Killing Granted Retrial","duration":"2:41","description":"Brad Cooper's defense argued that he was denied the right to present testimony from 2 key witnesses.","url":"/GMA/video/man-convicted-wifes-killing-granted-retrial-20151485","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}