Man Dies After 911 Sends Ambulance to Wrong Address

Video shows a 911 operator on her phone when she was supposed to be overseeing a trainee.
2:06 | 11/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man Dies After 911 Sends Ambulance to Wrong Address
We turn, now, to the 911 dispatcher in big trouble this morning. It all began when her trainee sent an ambulance to the wrong address while she was on her cell phone. It was caught on camera. Now, the dispatcher is facing charges. Matt gutman has the story. We need some help. We're at the ormond rec. And one of our friends collapsed on the racket ball court. Reporter: It started with this call. 911 dispatcher shanna justice was at work when friends sought help for 58-year-old bob hill who had collapsed from apparent cardiac arrest. He's still out. He's been out for 30, 40 seconds. He's turning red. Reporter: The caller provides detailed location about hill's location, to a trainee, seen on the right, beside justice. The recreational center, the corner -- you know -- okay. I'm listening. Granada and where -- it's nova road. Reporter: Right there, that's justice, using her cell phone, when she was supposed to be supervising the call. The sheriff's office said she was using the phone when the trainee sent the ambulance to the wrong address. It's not good. He's not responding to anything. His eyes -- Reporter: The nervous caller wondered at the ambulance absence. But was reassured by the trainee that help was coming. Is anyone coming? You can -- yeah. They've been on the way. Reporter: Ten minutes after the call was placed, the nervous trainee realized the error. Come on, bob. Come on, baby. Are you doing the ventilations right now? Yes. Okay. Reporter: By the time the ambulance reached the correct address, responders were unable to resuscitate hill. Justice has been suspended without pay. And in a bizarre twist on tuesday, pulled a gun on a reporter who came to her hou to question her. She's been charged and could face jail time if convicted with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. For "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, miami.

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{"id":20873532,"title":"Man Dies After 911 Sends Ambulance to Wrong Address","duration":"2:06","description":"Video shows a 911 operator on her phone when she was supposed to be overseeing a trainee.","url":"/GMA/video/man-dies-911-sends-ambulance-wrong-address-20873532","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}