Man Discusses Losing 200 Pounds After Bet

Jay Wornick, wife Angela, made bet that Jay couldn't lose massive weight.
3:53 | 11/10/11

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Transcript for Man Discusses Losing 200 Pounds After Bet
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know -- I can't. I don't have to leave much room for you how -- you. It's nice to -- this. Beautiful and beautiful family and -- -- -- like that did you know the rugged look is then yeah about how did you do this. Well basically it started with a diet you know I -- my daughter was horrible so. I changed everything I want the whole foods fresh fruits vegetables. Lean meats chicken Turkey fish. You know cut out all the fast food cut out all the pizza cut out all the -- I mean that's what my diet mainly consisted of reports of what -- a consistent now. Chicken Turkey. Vegetables lots of vegetables lots of troops I exercise every day Patrick no regular sodas that you drink a Diet Pepsi everyone's rely -- -- think. Nothing too crazy but I you know just to break the monotony. But -- you know analysis it's just things that are good high fiber diet is really port night a lot of fiber every morning I need a big breakfast I always he's the biggest -- -- the morning and I. My meals gets smaller as the day goes on. Com but I just try to maintain you know good good amount of food -- not too much talk. You. Get the -- -- I did all my -- nutritionist no personal trainer no surgery no pills. That's -- -- unnecessary if you -- -- put in the hard working on -- and the dedication it will work -- -- ten months 200 pounds and to -- some bad. Did you have any idea that he would take it this far. I didn't -- I have that's when the bank. But apparently they did but he was so he turned his name given to do that and you know how important to look I love you look at the leader in introducing that he'll be here. So what do you think. I actually think of the transformation of that. I can't because now he's -- -- mark -- will less when he -- when he weighed up morning he wouldn't go outside and -- all of us laugh can he get so hot. Because of this time now to single out anyone -- you know -- -- looks like a slap. -- -- In his any -- the some -- that there's no Miley day saints again. RIF. Sensitive skin you know -- today an -- on anymore so what do you. Again all of you out because it was a family and lawyers and has worked together -- various sources and you'll ever meet your life these guys have been here -- me. Every step of the way and I mean I'm madly in love with this -- we're gonna be together forever. And you know I'm on national T -- -- tell everybody that's you know and I mean -- -- -- this of the -- -- -- a guy has forums so happy and I love this I love I love your story all of it and I -- shouldn't tell people because. For the longest time you're always overweight 05 years old I mean I've been overweight obesity called pugsley -- -- -- people back to build Adams families involved -- when I was a little -- you know and -- I mean it's -- since I was five years old I mean I've I've always been like this sort. They've been able because some friends and that's the relationship you've had with food -- that I don't know how it happened you know -- June 30 in the last year. She came to me with a New Year's resolution you know on something just click the -- know what it's now or never lets do -- let's try -- -- if it doesn't work. Then nobody can blame me for not trying you know -- I mean but I never really tried so let's try it let's let's stick to -- let's work hard at it. Let's have a good positive attitude let's get my kids something -- oh lead by example let's either for going off my daughter and on the island -- -- I don't I don't know I don't know I don't know I don't. I wanted to be there in. Twenty years from now live with molecular get -- there how many years so long period in on this day they remind me motivating factor and I'm just glad you know I was able to succeed -- and -- -- keep it off and -- that -- -- making in this stay healthy. Thank you spread the word love look at it through their. Beautiful little face and how they're looking at both mommy and daddy you're home thank you for sharing bank here -- my clarinet or -- it's amazing.

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{"id":14923531,"title":"Man Discusses Losing 200 Pounds After Bet","duration":"3:53","description":"Jay Wornick, wife Angela, made bet that Jay couldn't lose massive weight.","url":"/GMA/video/man-discusses-losing-200-pounds-bet-14923531","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}