Man Found Guilty in Neighbor's Murder

Michael Vilkin faces life in prison after being convicted of fatally shooting his neighbor John Upton.
2:17 | 06/22/14

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Transcript for Man Found Guilty in Neighbor's Murder
speaking of serious charges, the verdict is in in the case of man charged with killing his neighbor is a suit that went way out of control. The jury didn't buy his claims of self-te dense. Reporter: It all started with an argument over shrubbery. The two neighbors feuding over tree trimming. One is dead. The other convicted of his murder. Michael vilkin, silent and stoic as in the jury reads his fate. We the jury find the defendant, Michael vilkin, guilty of the crime of murder. Reporter: He's now facing 50 years to life behind bars for killing his neighbor, John Upton, a well-known Hollywood film maker. They had an ongoing feud. Stop cutting trees! Reporter: Vilkin claimed self-defense after shooting the neighbor in March 2013. They had an argument regarding trees and bushes adjacent to Upton's property. He told me, this is not your land. Get the Out of here. I saw a pistol in his right hand. It was like one second. And I pulled out my revolver and shot him. Reporter: Prosecutors say they only recovered one weapon on the scene. That was vilkin's .44-caliber revolver. Major factor in the jury's decision to convict. If you hide behind self-defense after having a fight with somebody over cutting shrubs, I don't think jury is going to like you. Reporter: They're now able to close the chapter for the man they loved. I feel relief. It's not happy day. It's just that the truth came out. Reporter: Now, vilkin's attorneys tried to make the case he had been bullied for months by the person he shot. It all started over manager so petty. So unnecessary. At least some closure for the family. A news update from Ron on

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{"id":24251585,"title":"Man Found Guilty in Neighbor's Murder","duration":"2:17","description":"Michael Vilkin faces life in prison after being convicted of fatally shooting his neighbor John Upton.","url":"/GMA/video/man-found-guilty-neighbors-murder-24251585","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}