Arizona Zookeeper Swims With Bengal Tiger

Animal experts worry about the consequences of Jeff Harwell's swim with tigers.
3:00 | 10/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Arizona Zookeeper Swims With Bengal Tiger
7:42. A lot of video that startled us. A trainer water wrestling with a bengal tiger. Animal experts are worried about the consequences. Abc's john muller with all of the details. Good morning, john. Reporter: Fascinating video, george. The show has been taking place since 1991, with no major injuries. But when you see the gigantic cats flying towards these handlers, it's terrifying to watch. And it makes you wonder how long the safety record can last. Running at full speed. Being chased by a full-grown tiger. Just waiting for this 450-pound killing machine to pounce. It may look like a movie. But for jeff harwell, it's a tuesday, or any day. He's a trainer at the out of africa wildlife park. And he performs in the tiger arena. Where he plays, roughhouses and seemingly taunts the park's tigers in a swimming pool, all in front of an audience. We're playing. We're having a good time. All I see is a tiger and her eyes, how intense they are. What is she staring at? And I'm trying to figure out when is she going to spring? Reporter: That's not to say that all of us have forgotten how dangerous his job can be. She wanted to do me harm, there's nothing I can do about it. People ask us all the time, aren't you scared? The answer is, yeah. I'm pretty scared lot of times. Reporter: But critics say, no matter how well-trained harwell is, performing alongside wild happy ending. Eventually someone is going to get killed because they do this on a daily basis. It only takes one time for it to be a tragedy. Reporter: It's a harsh reality, visitors to exhibits promising up-close animal encounters have seen time and time again. This lion at the mgm vegas, lashed out at trainers in front of stunned guests in 2010. And roadside animal attractions have seen numerous attacks, like this oklahoma boy being pounced on by a tiger cub. All captured by humane society cameras. But for jeff harwell, braving animals other see is dangerous is worth it. Sometimes we're playing it. It's just my tiger and me. Reporter: Many other zoo experts said while they don't want to be in their arena, there is nothing wrong with how out of africa performs. Makes you happy we have a desk job, right? Amazing they made it this long. Coming up, wild "play of the day" from josh. And get ready.

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{"id":17374229,"title":"Arizona Zookeeper Swims With Bengal Tiger","duration":"3:00","description":"Animal experts worry about the consequences of Jeff Harwell's swim with tigers.","url":"/GMA/video/man-plays-tiger-caught-tape-zookeeper-swims-bengal-17374229","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}