The Man Responsible for an Assassination Attempt on Ronald Reagan Is Now a Free Man

John Hinkley Jr., was released from a psychiatric hospital yesterday.
2:11 | 09/11/16

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Transcript for The Man Responsible for an Assassination Attempt on Ronald Reagan Is Now a Free Man
Out to the man who tried to assassinate president Ronald Reagan back in 1981 this morning he's a free man. John Hinckley junior release from a psychiatric hospital for good this time now living with his mom in Williamsburg Virginia. And ABC news senior legal correspondent Sonny Hostin is here with more on the story sunny good morning to you good morning. At the time of the shooting Hinckley was 25 years old and had an obsession with actress Jodie Foster. Medical experts saying he is now stable that he no longer pauses poses a danger to himself. Or others. This morning John Hinckley is a free man. Released from psychiatric hospital in Washington DC. 35 years after his failed assassination attempt on president Ronald Reagan. The 61 year old will now live with his mother in this gated community in suburban Williamsburg Virginia. I would feel very differently about that's. If I had to rent on the same street as he dead Hinckley was found not guilty by reason of insanity after firing his revolver six times at Reagan injuring the president and Press Secretary James Brady but in July a federal judge ruled that the would be assassin is no longer a danger to himself or the public. His attorney telling ABC news. Hinckley continues to regret the suffering. He caused others because mr. Hinckley has shown the court. That he can obeyed by the rules and regulations set out by the judge it's time to try and see how we does on his own without coming back to saint Elizabeth. Hinckley may have a number of privileges in his new life including a driver's license and freedom to travel alone within thirty miles of his home. But his release is also bound by several condition he has a GPS on his phone so they no worries at all the time any movements he makes. Any web site he wants to go on he's got to get permission to do so. Hinckley must report to a psychiatric team in Virginia and continue to undergo treatment or could be sent back to the hospital. Sunny thank you inning and he will be living with his mother 61 years of but he will be living with her that's right his mother is ninety years old I think that's great to have you see you.

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{"duration":"2:11","description":"John Hinkley Jr., was released from a psychiatric hospital yesterday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42009958","title":"The Man Responsible for an Assassination Attempt on Ronald Reagan Is Now a Free Man","url":"/GMA/video/man-responsible-assassination-attempt-ronald-reagan-now-free-42009958"}