Driver Targets Woman With Car

Police say the Tennessee man has a history of domestic violence.
2:46 | 12/14/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Driver Targets Woman With Car
Video really is unbelievable police in Columbia Tennessee tell -- that the man you're about to see. Has a history of domestic violence -- now is facing attempted first degree murder charges after that shocking incidence. Watch closely this woman -- we should Dansby is running for her life and jump into this convenience store. Unfortunately for that man inside the store owner there in yellow. He has no idea she's running from a speeding truck it's chasing her just seconds behind. Eight crashes through the door fast barreling in running him over. Look -- slow motion at his body. He into the front grill as the truck collide into the counter. Multiple surveillance cameras captured the moment of impact as a witness calls 911. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Amazingly the store owner surrendered tell gets out and he's able to escape watch as the driver Eric would -- who allegedly had been chasing Dansby after a confrontation. Gets out and seems to look for her under the truck but she is safe on the other side when she sees him she -- Whitaker then calmly walks out as this woman -- nurse runs in to help. I'm right behind -- dries all the way down. In -- -- take go across that curve and take that tree down at that point and on the phone number 11. -- she's left her SUV at the gas pump. Would -- sees it gets in and drives away. That's when -- -- and -- noticed that guys out of my -- in. -- -- -- -- -- -- That's right stealing her car. -- he four kills his own getaway did you see that will slow it down that's -- driving on to red truck. ES -- -- still talking to 911 thing is stunned. I'll never forget it Whitaker is now hospitalized in critical but stable condition. He's facing a litany of charges including attempted first degree murder aggravated assault and theft for taking that SUV. So I'm just out of the park with payments. It's okay though you know it's a small price of paying willing -- just now everybody's okay nobody lost their life in him. And the family of mr. Patel that convenience store owner who use other getting hit they tell us that he is recovering but that he suffered severe wounds to his face and chest. If they say George he is thankful to be alive. -- thankful for that and boy that man was not meant to get a little food. Not at all what -- before all these cameras were everywhere capturing everything.

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{"id":15152238,"title":"Driver Targets Woman With Car","duration":"2:46","description":"Police say the Tennessee man has a history of domestic violence.","url":"/GMA/video/man-run-woman-crashes-store-caught-tape-15152238","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}