Man Searches For Mystery Love

Sandy Crocker returns to Ireland on a quest to find a woman he met a year ago.
3:00 | 09/22/12

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Transcript for Man Searches For Mystery Love
It's the stuff of fairy tales. A man on vacation in ireland, meets a woman in a cafe. But he's too scared to get her phone number. Now, he's back on the emerald isle on a quest to find her. It's like the movie "serendipity" where a chance encounter leads to love. Faith in what? Destiny. Reporter: Or the movie "leap year." Where amy adams searches ireland for their soul mate. I'm going to dublin to find my boyfriend. Reporter: Now, canadian dentist, sandy crawford, following his heart on a similar journey. It all started here in the irish countryside last summer, where crocker met a young woman. They chatted briefly. And then, she was gone. But he never let go of that And as time passed, it became clear. She was the one. Now, crocker has set out for ireland once more, giving himself one month to find the girl. The only problem, he doesn't know her name or even where she's from. But he did tell us this. She's about 5'6", with freckles and reddish-brown hair. Not exactly rare features for ireland. But sandy's hope is that like the movie -- he'll ultimately get the girl, too. Joining us from belfast, northern ireland, is sandy crocker. Welcome, sandy. Thank you for coming on the show. Thank you. Great to be here with you folks. I have to ask you. Are you a man who falls in love easily? No. No. That's where the adventure really starts. What about this encounter stood out to you? You know, it was one of those people that I felt just wore their inside on the outside. When you looked at them, you instantaneously knew they were a good person without question. Just the quality and the character of this person was amazing. This is a tough thing you're chasing here because, as we established, she's got red hair and freckles, which is not exactly uncommon in that part of the world. There's a local oddsmaker who put the odds at you getting married to 50-1. You don't know if she's married. How optimistic are you? You know what? You have to hold hope in life. It's just a situation where if you didn't come and do it and see if you can kind the girl, 50 years down the road, you'd regret it. This is making sure this isn't something you didn't do nothing about. And good for you. What are your tactics? Are you going around town to tv stations? Passing out flyers? Nope. It was always meant and will be kind of a very, very low-key search. It was meant that, you know what? You come to the same town. You do things in the town. If you bump into her in a cafe, wouldn't it be great if fate gave you a second chance at a first encounter? And talking to a little local paper to see if, you know what? Maybe someone knows who she is. It was never meant to blossom into an international deal. If she was watching or happens to see this on the internet, what would you say to her right now? I would tell her to read the nice words I wrote about her. Forget about the media and what everybody else is trying to make it to be. And think, you know what? If I had said this, you know, tomorrow, yesterday, a year ago, how would it make you feel? And if you want to contact me, I'd love to hear from you. Sandy. We're pulling for you. We are all pulling for you. Ron claiborne here salutes you. And we hope, in some small way, we can help you in this quest.

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{"id":17298131,"title":"Man Searches For Mystery Love","duration":"3:00","description":"Sandy Crocker returns to Ireland on a quest to find a woman he met a year ago.","url":"/GMA/video/man-searches-mystery-love-17298131","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}