Man Defends Shooting Child's Laptop

Tommy Jordan says he made video to teach his daughter about online privacy.
3:16 | 02/21/12

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Transcript for Man Defends Shooting Child's Laptop
After that father who sparked a viral sensation and a heated debate about the best way to parent. By posting a video of himself shooting his daughter's laptop they see it right there he says he was tried -- -- a lesson about being sassy -- FaceBook. His critics say he's going to cross the line and he's defending himself about it EBC's Andrea. Yeah I think maybe this is something parents have dreamed about. But only -- -- -- that Jordan has actually dot net and he is standing by what he did it all started when his daughter unloaded in an unknown in a lengthy FaceBook post about. Having too many chores she thought the post could only be seen by her friends well guess what she was wrong. He's the angry dad who had enough then went viral. 28 million people now watch this video of Tommy Jordan shooting his daughter's laptop. Your guest is now forty -- After discovering this -- on his teenage daughter's FaceBook page. To my parents. I'm not your -- -- is not my response of good clean up here and outlook than it did this -- you could just -- me for all -- and I do around -- house seriously are you kidding me. This father fired back pay you for George everybody in my. Wade easy it's about your harder and decided to take action. Right there July 12 -- right here. Is my forty fall. 1234560. Yeah. And I have to call that you're -- made about your mom your mom told me to be -- -- when -- for her so. On line Jordan has generated strong reactions some say his lesson missed the mark. Disgusted with how we dealt with the situation -- one critic. Over the top comments another others cheering him on. Yet many wonder why Jordan didn't just take the laptop away. He -- he's tried that before. I said if this happens again all put a bullet through it. It happened again. Yes -- dead and for her part Jordan's daughter says she was mad at first but she got over it she still grounded -- not taking that back. But he says the one thing he regrets is that social services came to her house and he's now asking his considerable fan base to send donations to the muscular dystrophy association he's raised thousands of dollars so. Something good throwing at us and -- He's sorry about embarrassing eight I think so he's taking some responsibility for his part in all this but it is -- little differently -- story -- thanks very much you can read the full interview. Good Morning America dot com on Yahoo!.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"Tommy Jordan says he made video to teach his daughter about online privacy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15756593","title":"Man Defends Shooting Child's Laptop ","url":"/GMA/video/man-shot-daughters-laptop-facebook-stands-action-teaching-15756593"}