Man Shot by Mother-in-Law: Caught on Tape

Salvatore Miglina expected a confrontation and turned his cellphone camera on.
3:38 | 12/12/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man Shot by Mother-in-Law: Caught on Tape
With the drama of an attempted murder captured on the victim's own iPhone. Police say the man was shot by his mother in law but that's not the story she told 911 operators and ABC's Matt -- has more from Miami good morning -- Hey good morning Robin. That video is viscerally disturbing the real time recording of a man nearly being shot to death now. Salvatore McNeil -- to expect some sort of confrontation when he went to pick up his son from his in laws so he kept his iPhone rolling. We could've expected this. This morning with a -- Jordan sound police say the man being shot. And lancry much. I can't seem to work Salvatore McNeil. Trying to capture own -- don't you can't you're already in custody battle playing out 100. That god. Neither could Broward county sheriff's office deputies at the scene moments after Wednesday's shooting because they say. The shooter was this woman -- leader whose mother in law 66 year old Cheryl Heppner the grandmother of his three world peace. -- there with the toddlers pillow and bag. And according to him. When he asked for the things it she instead pulled out a handgun and starts firing shots three. Yeah definitely new job and -- they like -- when you. -- -- Two bullets from the 22 caliber Beretta he's -- -- one in the shoulder one in the rib cage but he's enraged at this point in shocked enough to pass. And wrestled the gun from -- scramble to resist UV and drives away. Now language Immersion and they both -- fleets. -- That if the shooting -- he saw enough. Police say -- began brazenly lied to a 911 dispatcher. -- equal to -- and you. -- -- -- -- count article and if you're anywhere you throw away. Mrs. Hefner told authorities that. He pulled a gun on her so is in fact just the opposite of what happened. She begins to -- Then reveals the true back story. -- sort of a particular concern. You can gladly gladly do that is what eighty I don't know here at my door heard a middle part of of course. -- whose son and estranged wife for at a nearby pizza parlor. -- -- -- Looking at the American. Kirkuk. -- -- -- keeps repeating back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The dispatcher with mostly concerned with the Coretta and arresting moment passengers. Expecting trouble but -- said he turned on the phones video camera. Just before getting out of the car. The day later deputies charged the phone. The -- of truth unfolded in admitted a video. -- Scott as evidence -- it within jam. That absolutely corroborated everything. That mr. McCain had hoped to -- Now miraculously -- and -- we know he's fine he's a ready recuperating he's been released from the hospital despite the fact. He still has two bullets inside of him now investigators tells it could have been much worse that the only reason his mother in law stopped shooting is because her gun jammed. That she too was unhurt but does face attempted first degree murder charges Robin all right -- thank you so much and have the presence of mind before hand. The turnout on saw it -- and that is something that.

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{"duration":"3:38","description":"Salvatore Miglina expected a confrontation and turned his cellphone camera on.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15136646","title":"Man Shot by Mother-in-Law: Caught on Tape","url":"/GMA/video/man-shot-mother-law-caught-tape-15136646"}