'Manhattan Madam' Gives New York Post Interview

Woman accused of running a brothel from her home speaks out from behind bars.
1:06 | 03/09/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Manhattan Madam' Gives New York Post Interview
Out to the alleged soccer mom -- she's speaking out from her jail cell right now. Pushing back at the police she says are pressured her to reveal. Bush was doing business with that ABC's -- -- -- following the latest of this overnight the 1 good morning an -- -- is pushing back indeed in an exclusive interview with the New York Post the alleged Manhattan madam says. She is under pressure to -- names that. She says she stayed tough when prosecutors tried to intimidate her. In fact it was tell us what we want and -- -- to go. They're trying to sweat me out they are clearly trying to break me and bite my -- off before I tell them anything. She just prosecutors grilled her for hours investigators rotating in out of a small interrogation -- Showing their lists of men demanding she tell them something about each -- The ones I knew where people I've known for along time -- and politics investing in real estate got the impression they were trying to make a case but. They didn't really know what a wise you know what unless it was fishing. -- -- soccer mom -- remains at Rikers Island where she says she was initially placed in solitary confinement. Picture an old military barracks with plastic mattress isn't -- -- sweltering temperatures approaching -- hundred degrees. We're all sweaty smells like cat -- and it's just deplorable. A far cry from the rent stabilized apartment it may have seen ten million dollars in prostitution. Over the past fifteen years -- ten million -- should get an hour and a in these exclusive photos the New York Post obtained we see the modest living room and bedroom this man lives nearby -- very well dressed. Yes. They -- have made millions for years and I have for other people. She claims she is health friends with a real estate and other business ventures yet her family has trouble making ends meet. -- been struggling to keep my daughter in college to pay the tuition. We live very much a simple life and the self described hockey mom before has just one wish. I just don't want my kids to see -- -- here. At her youngest is nine years old she's been charged with a single count of promoting prostitution she's due back in court as early. As next week again her teens say if she had ten million dollars hasn't been reported she'd be out on bail right now -- unwrapped. We'll see what happens when she's in court next are I'll have a great weekend maintains -- video.

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{"id":15884147,"title":"'Manhattan Madam' Gives New York Post Interview","duration":"1:06","description":"Woman accused of running a brothel from her home speaks out from behind bars.","url":"/GMA/video/manhattan-madam-york-post-interview-15884147","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}