Are 'Manly Men' A Dying Breed?

D.L. Hughley and Vivica A. Fox discuss whether or not real men are disappearing.
3:00 | 08/02/12

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Transcript for Are 'Manly Men' A Dying Breed?
It is now time for our boughtle of the sexes, we go "toe to toe" every day. The topic on this day, do manly men still exist? Let's think about that for a while. New male beauty products popping up all over. You know, I'm right here. I can hear you. All right? This is a question that we posed. It's just a thought. There are new lines of masks for men. There's hair products. There's makeup for men. There's some men that I know that go into makeup every morning. You don't want to see what this looks like without makeup. I'm telling you, I do that as a favor to america, seriously. I need all of the help I can get. Okay. There are also examples of manly men, and I'm doing the quote marks with my fingers for those of you listening on radio. "Expendables 2" coming out. You have sylvester stallone, arnold schwarzenegger, bruce willis. They're all over 50 years old. Are they a dying bread? We have the incredibly funny d.L. Hughley and we have the star of the upcoming tv show "mr. Box office" we have the star of the show, vivica a. Fox. ♪ . So, we begin. All right. So, vivica. Yes, darling. Present company excluded, of course, what do you think, do those manly men, do those mastadon-hunting men still exist? I actually welcome guys that take care of themselves. I think they still exist. Are they in a different form now? Absolutely. We have a different part of it. As long as you don't push me out of the mirror to pluck your eyebrows. You know what I'm saying? Then I have a problem with that. D.L., Women like vampire, more than they like regular men. He stay out all night, he a vampire, I do it, I'm a dead beat dad. Women like bad boys until they have to get a restraining order. I think the concept of what women find manly is evolving. Now they call it metrosexual, i thought it was a gay dude t caught the bus. It's not. What do we have to -- do we we have to go hunt mammoth? Do we have to not bathe for a month? What's a manly man, lara? This is simply a question that we posed. I like a man -- I conscientiously object to this question. I like a man that dresses nice. Do you call yourself metrosexual? No. I think the way men carry themselves, I'm never going to hunt a dinosaur, and I'm never going to fix a sink, but I'll bring somebody over to do it. Right. You know exactly who to call. I'm not hunting a dinosaur but I'll bring a paycheck home. Vivica, is it being taken care of? What for you defines manl having a good jo let's start there. Manner, and, like you said, the way youreat a lady, open doors. To me, that's very manly, and i believe that's starting to come back, which I appreciate. . Do you find it -- you know, sorts of a turnoff, if a man has a full man mani-pedi? No, I prefer it. I don't want him getting into bed scraping me with claws. I can take you somewhere, we can fix that. You can still be manly in a pedicure chair. If he has a french tip going on, I might have a problem with But nice nails and toes -- my wife used to clip my toes, because I -- see? Your wife clipped your toes? Because I would get in -- you can cut a woman pretd bad. I agitated one of her feet one time. She would say give me your feet, and she would take care of them. You couldn't cut them yourself? I didn't think it was important. I like to be able to pick stuff up with my feet. So the manly man, the john waynes in the world. In this ever-evolves world o metrosexuals, do they still exist? It's hard. Manly man, you get mess around with gucci loafers on. With a manicure. You can be -- as long as you can hold your own, you can present yourself one way, you know how to talk, how to act, take care of your business. Like, to me, hugh jackman, gorgeous man. But he can still whip your tail. Gorgeous man. Wolverine -- try clipping those nails. So, while lara works on my toe, let's take a look at what you at home, something we've been asking you all day long. 62% of you said manly men still exist. Yay! That's the first time -- 38 percent of you are still wondering what that looked like when d.L.'S wife was cutting his toenails, who knows.

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{"id":16915516,"title":"Are 'Manly Men' A Dying Breed?","duration":"3:00","description":"D.L. Hughley and Vivica A. Fox discuss whether or not real men are disappearing.","url":"/GMA/video/manly-men-dying-breed-gaa-toe-toe-16915516","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}