Man's New Number Has Hollywood Ringing

Bob Gray discusses how his life changed after receiving celebrity's old number.
3:46 | 12/13/11

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Transcript for Man's New Number Has Hollywood Ringing
This happening at this number and. Lot of stuff happened just yet it was the craziest thing because it -- ease back in January I wanted to get -- California area code. And and she wanted to keep her Ohio number but I snuck -- it changed it. And that -- that I changed at the very next day actually I get this text message says hand saw used to fund TMZ what a bummer public TMC. -- older I get so I call the guy who texted me and of course he told me was next and I was like wow I've got his number. Nothing crazy one we just got a bunch of like nonsense calls you nobody hey how you -- -- This Elliott the twins gamers -- at the Laker game and and you know I almost got rid of the -- you still have a number all. -- -- -- I thought that we saw the pictures. What parents help the ticket would you guys did to expect he said put your names -- to look like -- crashing they had your names on let's toast when you rolled up of what you rolled up bit. Well we -- -- -- -- dodge minivan with Ohio plates because all wrested out. -- everybody there was in evening gowns and all dressed up and thought I had plans -- going to parties so I showed up in jeans and sneakers. Your days are on the list and think of the first -- thought like you guys are supposed to be here but I'll know exactly when we rolled up in front of the mansion security guy looks -- -- student -- -- -- goes. Who the heck are you. And I said I'm Bob -- He rolls his eyes and he goes off and checks a listing comes back and I swear -- you so embarrassed and more -- -- you're on the let us. So why not -- the current -- in the -- Rego Park it could. Adam Sandler help you. About an -- called me called nick one night. I don't even know why -- here. A couple. Adam Koznick -- -- I get the call might recognize the voice. I said this is Adam Sandler and he's like I'm not out of this scraping tool event -- -- -- -- do I know what's you know. And a total what was going on -- the pairs priority and he just thought -- was -- was have you got to write a script about this and tell nick give signals messages. Any Diddy told neck you've talked to has nick is he okay -- and well I don't know. But about a week later I get -- -- on the road and my phone rings and the voice on the other -- goes so how does it feel to be living my life. I'm like oh my god -- -- to -- -- -- to call me for three months. I've got all your messages is that yes sailor told me -- -- keep -- and so we talked for -- while he gave me his office number. And I was able to shoot over some important messages like job offers from movie is in you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But -- I'd like you to go with me one time that -- -- so I think you're an aspiring actress yes and you're gonna turn this into. Yeah you know why is and I and a writer Adam Jones have been writing the screenplay. And we does happen it and help people wanna see you so would like to get our treatment -- -- And there's a little bit of and excitement and I got to tell you that shows hoping they can. As long as you have holly Berry made me in the movie Hollywood here on -- doesn't do you any just. Well. Okay.

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{"id":15144114,"title":"Man's New Number Has Hollywood Ringing","duration":"3:46","description":"Bob Gray discusses how his life changed after receiving celebrity's old number.","url":"/GMA/video/mans-cell-phone-number-hollywood-celebrities-ringing-15144114","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}