How Mara Schiavocampo burned the most calories while inside metabolic chamber

ABC News' Mara Schiavocampo shares more of her experience spending 24 hours inside a metabolic chamber at Mt. Sinai Saint Luke's hospital.
4:33 | 03/28/17

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Transcript for How Mara Schiavocampo burned the most calories while inside metabolic chamber
It is time to go inside the kwhim chamber. It is the most personalized way to figure out your fitness profile and how you burn calories and how exercise affects your body. No TV cameras have ever been inside until that woman right there, Mara schiavocampo tried it out for 24 hours and now you're back with the results. I survived the chamber. I've been getting so many questions about this and now we have the answers. This is called the future of weight management. It was previously only available for research and tells you precisely how your body works and I was shocked by what I learned. This tiny room is actually the most cutting edge way to measure exactly how many calories your body is burning. I spent a full day locked inside the metabolic chamber at mt. Sinai St. Luke's hospital. See you in 23 hours and 15 minutes. To test some commonly held beliefs about diet and exercise. So, we're going to try to learn a lot more about how nye body works and what those lessons can teach everybody about how their bodies work. First up, a showdown between good old-fashioned cardio and high intensity interval training or one of the most popular new workout trends. To find out I did a 20-minute run at a moderate pace of six miles per hour. Four hours later I did a 30-minute H.I.T. Workout. Brief periods of intense exercise followed by periods of rest. H.I.T. Is commonly believed to burn more calories in less time but the chamber says for me that's wrong. The slow ruin burning 10.7 calories a minute compared to just seven for H.I.T., the run almost 53% more effective. I consider it very, very important for a lot of different processes in the body. However, when you do high intensity interval training, you also resting, right, for a long time. Next up, measuring after burn. How many calories your body continues burning at an elevated level after you've stooped exercising. Though sometimes it goes on for hours that wasn't the case with either of my workouts. I burned just 34 calories after the run and 44 after the hit workout. My body returning to Normal levels within minutes. I want to manage the burn after the exercise is not that significant. Last, how much time and energy does it stake my body to burn what I eat. To measure this, I spent six hours in a different much smaller chamber. Hello. And ate a high carb high sugar 750-calorie breakfast of a blueberry muffin and sweetened coffee drink. My body burned through it quickly in just four hours using about 80 calories, compared to a high protein meal which would have taken an estimated six hours to burn using almost 200 calories more than double the high carb breakfast. And another interesting piece of information that I learned. I burned 600 calories over the course of that day just in day-to-day tasks, just goes to show you how important small activities can be. I saw you on Instagram. Right. That didn't burn quite as much as I hoped it would. What surprised you the most? I was really shocked by the high intensity interval training. I was the one who reads a lot about it and into health and wellness. I thought it would burn more because I felt like I was working so much harder. That's all about perception. Just because I felt like I was working hard clearly I was not. That's what blew our mind. You lost so much more on the TRE treading. A lot do that high interval training with something lower. It works for some. That's what the magic of the chamber is. It test you what it true for you so these are my results the so somebody else could so a completely different result but what it did do was taught me that the one was much more effective for me but I hate running. So you're better off -- you're better off doing what you love because you'll do it more often? We watch you run and, robin said I hate running even though it works. You learned a lot but is this available to everybody. The question is people are e-mailing me. Right now it's not practical for most people. It's expensive. It's 1500 to $2,000. That's a lot for that. It takes 24 hours out of your day. Who can sacrifice that amount of time and it's only available here in New York but we could be seeing is a glimpse in the future of weight mansment where it becomes much more affordable and go get it in your local town and find so much more about yourself. As long as I don't have to run, I'm in. Thanks for sharing that with me. More later in the week.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"ABC News' Mara Schiavocampo shares more of her experience spending 24 hours inside a metabolic chamber at Mt. Sinai Saint Luke's hospital. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46410384","title":"How Mara Schiavocampo burned the most calories while inside metabolic chamber","url":"/GMA/video/mara-schiavocampo-burned-calories-inside-metabolic-chamber-46410384"}