Town Manager's Message for Watertown Residents

Mike Driscoll discusses the shootout in his town, and the manhunt for the Boston bombing suspect.
2:03 | 04/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Town Manager's Message for Watertown Residents
Boston suburb of Watertown now under lockdown right now let's bring in town manager Mike -- he's on the phone. He is in the administration building right now and and Mike I know it's been a long night for you you've been making phone calls -- local business owners trying to get people to stay home. Tell me what the scenes like their right now. Very quiet and very -- And obviously we're not only asking the businesses not to open up live. Shut down at all -- all of these town offices in all the library -- -- -- -- out. And thankfully this week is cesspool occasionally from Massachusetts communities that we do need to worry about. Partners -- children coming to school. Who might win -- -- first alerted of what was happening and an. What have police been telling you know. Well it was the police chief had contacted -- Early late. Late last night and early this morning -- -- an -- this unfortunate. Passing of MIT police officer. And then -- -- which in fact the I was hijacked an incumbent the water. And so you'll immediately went to the building started making phone calls telling what you wanna tell the people of Watertown and the surrounding areas right now and and and give me a sense of what police are giving you in terms of information are -- giving a sense of when things will be able to be back -- -- No I I I think at this point domestic what is the most what -- people -- their earlier this morning. Right it was an -- Davis from Boston was due. -- watercolor on the wonderful community a tight knit community in helping everyone looking out but standing behind. Closed doors in helping us out. What let you very much one. I'd really not gonna get into what but discussions that -- yet but maybe -- -- here. The criminal matters but we are certainly very very thankful the -- -- the department for all of these. Period lottery what they can do so provided. And I -- I was born in this -- -- is a town certainly on high alert Mike -- thanks much for joining us this morning.

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{"id":18996765,"title":"Town Manager's Message for Watertown Residents","duration":"2:03","description":"Mike Driscoll discusses the shootout in his town, and the manhunt for the Boston bombing suspect.","url":"/GMA/video/marathon-bombing-suspect-manhunt-watertown-boston-lockdown-18996765","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}