Marathon Explosions Bring No Known Additional Threats, Feds Say

Federal agents and Boston officials offer latest information on the marathon bombings.
18:09 | 04/16/13

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Transcript for Marathon Explosions Bring No Known Additional Threats, Feds Say
This isn't -- BBC news. Good morning I'm George Stephanopoulos in Boston and we're joining you now because law enforcement officials are about to hold a press briefing. Here in Boston telling us what they know and what they are doing. In the wake of those two explosions yesterday. -- -- -- before 3 o'clock PM the Boston Marathon. Two explosions twelve seconds apart right now we know that it. People are dead more than a 140. Injured including seventeen critically. I'm here Brian Ross and Martha Raddatz and Brian we now know that the FBI is in charge of this investigation. They've taken the lead in the investigation they have called a potential terrorism. They have yet not enough evidence tell whether this is a domestic terrorism and international terrorism. But they're looking for all kinds of clues in the videos -- taken by witnesses and also the clues of what the explosive was made which can be very helpful in determining the signature of the -- We saw yes. Made their first press comes they were asking residents -- bought season in. From the scene -- gonna call for all of that market Raddatz. Here as well one of the interesting factors here there was no specific threat coming in before the man. That there were no specific threats whatsoever. It was just a beautiful day in Boston the Boston Marathon of equestrian National Guard Daryn a lot of police presence. But nothing indicating any sort of terrorist attack for any time. OK we see you. Officials walking in right now we know the Governor Deval Patrick is there also Mayor Tom Menino. Boston now sitting in his twentieth year as boss is never going to be joined by the police commissioner as well Ed Davis a Boston and the FBI special agent. Being charged -- -- several other officials including Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren as they gather. We're hoping -- learn more about. -- -- -- -- -- -- Act of terror we wanted to organize. A briefing for you with the information that we have. The mayor is here. The members of our congressional delegation. All the little law enforcement leadership we have several people who want to present. To you this morning and take your questions. A couple points I want to I want to mention at the outset. I told you yesterday that the FBI has taken charge of the investigation special agent in charge -- to Laurie -- Will speak shortly. It's important to clarify that too and only two explosive devices were found yesterday. Other parcels all other parcels in the area of the blast have been examined but they are no. Unexploded bombs -- there were no unexploded explosive devices found. Over a 150 people were injured. Yesterday. In the in the blast some gravely our thoughts go out to all of those injured and killed. Into their families and friends. I personally want to thank the extraordinary were first responders for the area. Just extraordinary work yesterday. Every single one of them those who were on site and those who got. To decide promptly -- -- after performed beautifully as have. The area hospitals and I've been calling around to the heads of the hospitals personally to thank them as well. It's our hope that tomorrow we will organize an interfaith prayer service to help our community -- We don't have details on that yet but we will provide those details when we when we have them. There is a support center that was opened yesterday in what we call the castle opposite the Park Plaza Hotel. On now Arlington and Stewart street I think it is the mayor and his. As provided staff. To help people cope with. With this extraordinary. Event and it will be open from nine I think until 5 o'clock or beyond this evening finally. Everyone should expect. Continued heightened police presence. And everyone should continue personally to be vigilant. B -- investigation continues. And until it is done. All of those. In law enforcement represented by the leaders here will be present in force. In the area around the blast and throughout the city and with that and turn it over to Mayor Menino. Thank you governor. -- say that terrorism brought to. The city of Boston. Tragedy was brought to one of -- it was also. This are closed at their place Cecilia Boston. Here we know our neighbors -- for them to brief little boy who knew from -- -- We're also today want to say we know our heroes also. The other -- -- who Wear helmets -- -- the -- the runners will help those just say. -- on this time of need as we get towed together on this issue with all the law enforcement officials we're make sure the seat pulls together. No we got it under control. Let's get to -- war together. -- -- our from our helping hand to individuals may needed to on this side very difficult time. -- history. I just say -- all you Barbara. The mayor pro Victoria's an -- nursing. Lauren Porter pulled together working together. To solve our crime seriously. But also -- people pull together the business community in the Davis everyone. There's -- charging rectory or -- is a strong story. -- say the get through this and by the governor has said we set -- very. Resource out of for the castle and the -- -- -- hotel. We're staff will be there are available to give information to individuals were involved in the marathon is over from nine to five in -- phone number is. Mr. Fordham street -- five role for our -- panda. You know hotline has sued the numbers -- -- number six -- -- 534. 5050. And also the 24 hour hotline that you need -- -- measure also that number is 6176354500. -- last -- several hours were received calls from. All over the world vast reservation about the -- tragedy and how they can help us so does that certain. Bad day for Boston I think there are people together we'll get short. We're strong so you thought to -- to working together. To make this a better place all people of -- that are gathered here today -- all our officials let's say lost you'll come. And governor thank -- this nuclear bomb. The president of the United States has pledged his full support. -- in all efforts post -- city safe and to find the person who did this and bring them to justice. All we did not have to reach out to the president the president reached out to us he told governor he called the mayor called the members of the delegation. Because the president is actively involved here in responding. On behalf of our congressional delegation senator talent is here with -- Congressman Lynch and all of the members of our delegation. We want to extend our thanks to the first responders to the firefighters the police officers. To the EMS to everyone on the scene including the volunteers. Who came in helped those in trouble and down. Helped to save lives. We also want to thank those from all around the country and all around the world. Whose prayers and thoughts and offers of help have -- and we are deeply grateful. As the mayor since Boston will survive. Thank you governor good morning my name's Rick to -- AM special agent in charge of the FBI's Boston division. I would like to start this morning by thanking the first responders from Boston EMS in Boston fire department and the volunteer physicians nurses. And medical staff from the community who volunteered at the marathon their services and heroic actions saved lives yesterday afternoon. We continue to work shoulder to shoulder what -- GT TF partners at the Boston Police Department the Massachusetts state police as well as all -- other GT TF agencies. Our mission is clear to bring to justice those responsible for the marathon bombing. The American public wants answers the citizens of the city of Boston in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts want and deserve answers. This group -- dedicated men and women standing for you today pledged to do everything possible to get those answers. This remains a very active investigation. Are ongoing investigation in various locations throughout the area goes on. However there are no known additional threats. We continue to interview various witnesses and processed the crime scene. Which could take some time. The citizens of Massachusetts in the city of Boston should expect to see the FBI and its JTT -- partners conducting investigative activity. In the greater eastern Massachusetts and Boston area. Assistance from the public remains critical in establishing a timeline of events. Which leads to swift conclusion -- due diligence and strong investigative activity. We commend the public we commend the citizens of Boston in case -- citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for the information that is from been provided to law enforcement so far. And we strongly encouraged that assistance to continue. Is Paramount to explain the FBI and -- JT TF's role to a greater extent the volume of what tips we have received. In reiterating the resources we provide we have received -- luminous tips over the last. Eighteen hours since the since the incidents. We have staffed -- 81800 call FBI tip line and we continue to encourage individuals to contact that line with any additional tips. We are bringing additional victim assistance and evidence response team resources. From our headquarters components and on the field offices to Boston and they are on site working as we speak processing evidence of the crime scene. -- extent that the crime -- still plays and Copley kronor in any continues to be a crime scene in May be that for several days. The FBI JTT -- -- logically following up on a variety of leads you'll see us there -- -- -- -- -- partners interviewing. Maybe your neighbor or coworker or even yourself in coming days we encourage you to please cooperate with law enforcement authorities. The resource is the FBI and the GT TF allow for swift action which -- hopefully you'll quick results. But that does not diminish our diligence and persistence and combing through the high volume of evidence and leads. That we -- processing right now we're just -- -- up on that path thank you very much. -- -- Yes I'm Jean martirez acting special agent in charge of ATF -- -- division. But this time ATF is -- a partial. In RT national response team activation. We'll bring in our explosive specialists here to the scene and will be working -- with the FBR you and its partners on a GA TT. We have certified explosive specialist. We have. Explosions enforcement officers with -- -- to bomb attacks and we have canines. That are trained to detect an explosive devices. Or any residue. At this time we have approximately. -- thirty breast specialist and around her on the scene. And dog to respond to rumors there were there as if there were rumors floating around -- there were seven to loss of seven devices at one point. That is not true. I think that that happened as a result of some -- -- suspect packages that were disrupted. But we only have two devices there were aware of -- both -- -- voices. Hope for the ones that are involved in the -- -- the damage and -- told -- -- in the explosives incidents. Com that this -- we are looking for. The public's cooperation. We're looking -- there's any video any photographic evidence you can please contact the FBI hotline. For the city's hotline report review any kind of media which you have -- -- Hall pretending that that might -- -- additional investigative leads and we are pursuing those investigative -- this time. The scene is gonna take several days to process. -- -- -- your patience as working in that area nuclear cooperation. Good morning. I'm United States attorney Carmen Ortiz. First I I want to extend my condolences. To the families of the loved ones. Who were lost in yesterday's attack. On the city of Boston. As well as those that were hurt and -- still be fighting for their lives. Our thoughts and our prayer circle out to them. What happened yesterday was a terrible tragedy. It was amazing to see is you have heard from my colleagues -- How people. Just. Helped one another ran toward the blast just to assist another person in greater need. People whom. Com and we're just they are for those that were hurt. And in -- dire situation. It was amazing to see how the city of Boston to -- and people from around the world. That were part of yesterday's Boston Marathon helped one another consoled each other. There are so many moving parts to an investigation such as this. And I can't begin to thank everyone who -- been involved law enforcement medical professionals. Emergency responders. And really just regular citizens who became heroes yesterday. I want to repeat as I did stated yesterday this is an active and it's an ongoing investigation. But rest assured that we are bringing all of the necessary resources to assist. In this matter and that we will conduct. All that we can with all of our law enforcement partners -- been in touch with the attorney general several times Eric Holder. And he has pledged all of the resource from the department. And others on behalf of the federal government to help Boston recover. From yesterday. I asked for your patience and your understanding as we continue. To pursue leads together evidence. And to get to the bottom of who did this and why thank you. -- Good morning my name is -- Davison prescription for the -- Boston. We're in the process of vote securing and processing. The most complex crime scene that we've dealt with in the history of our department. But we are doing that under the direction of the FBI in and partnership. But with the ATF we've secured the perimeter with members of the National Guard in the general was here. Public to thank the people working closely with us we've received office were of assistance from Chicago Los Angeles. Units have responded here from New York City in Baltimore. And we are working very closely with all of our partners on this so complex. Investigation. -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- -- on the crime scene which was just that he was fifteen blocks has been reduced. To a -- twelve walks this point in time. We will continue to co ops that crime scene as the facts and circumstances make that available we want to. Open up as many streets and and get people into their buildings as quickly as we can working diligently on that -- please be patient with us in the -- him. That we need to process the -- should we expect that that -- We'll go for another two days anyway. And -- people should make appropriate plans again I want to stress that any information that you have any videos or photographs that happened not just that that's seen. -- anywhere in the in the immediate vicinity could be helpful to this investigation. Are our focuses are processing that governments right now and we're looking forward to working with -- With our partners to bring. But the individuals were responsible for this heinous crime to look to justice thank you. Good morning -- estimate the album the superintendent of the Massachusetts state police and as I said earlier and one of our briefings there's really yet to -- two or three parts to this. As being a press conference by law enforcement officials in Boston. In the wake of those bombings at the marathon yesterday I'm -- Brian Ross and Martha Raddatz and Brian. There is -- highly coordinated all hands on deck effort to big headlines that I saw from Governor Patrick only two explosive devices no others. And from the head of the FBI -- no known additional threats at this time. That's right so that it reduces the idea of how they could get in the -- that exploded singles who have looked for clues to close -- looking for now is did somebody see a person. Put a bomb in a trash can -- mailbox leave us a sack on the sidewalk somebody saw something and that's what they're looking for right now that's the most important clue they could have. And Martha Raddatz the other big message came from the mayor of Boston Common news it was a bad day. For Boston but Boston -- closely. It and I'm sure I'm well George it's just that healing process but it begins today it probably began shortly after the event yesterday. This is a city that's a small city home. They will come together you heard senator Warren say the same thing. Boston will survive but it sounds to me from this press conference -- got a long way to go before they figure this out. A lot to motion asking for more information coming from public. -- -- -- right stand by for a return got a regular programming in the West Coast that will be. Good Morning America all -- along will be covering this on And a full report tonight on world news Diane Sawyer I'm -- seven -- and lost. This has been a special. From ABC.

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