Marc Jacobs Features Underage Models in Show

Designer is a member of the council that set the modeling age-limit at 16.
2:55 | 02/17/12

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Transcript for Marc Jacobs Features Underage Models in Show
It is Fashion Week here in new York and that annual event is never complete without a little controversy underage models and issue this year. Superstar designer Marc Jacobs is -- the rules -- -- 214 year old models -- which is supposed to be sixteen. And he doesn't seem all that concerned by the commotion caused ABC's Andrea canning is here to tell us all about him. -- things up for insurance well at Marc Jacobs is a board member on the very council that set the age limit at sixteen this year. They -- concerned that younger girls might not be prepared for the adult environment of the shows but apparently -- disagrees and he is not about to back down. In. They're the fashion industry's fountain of youth in the legions of young models stomping down the catwalk. But this week top fashion designer Marc Jacobs is under fire for using models that are too young according to the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Who urged designers to use models that are at least sixteen. These two are only fourteen. Islands well. -- Very hurt their leg then my biggest -- leaving some of the moment. And that was all that Marc Jacobs needed to hear parents are you willing to let viewers know I don't see any reason why should be -- -- they can. -- tickets is always provocative tour but I think at the heart of his decision -- -- he just doesn't think the rules make cents. Mainly because we have child actors child models -- catalogs so why -- -- be different. Well young models on the runway are nothing new the controversy surrounding the health and maturity of the models is. From the designer's perspective it's always a question maturity are these girls ready to handle the pressure backstage for -- might be exposed to adult situations it's the photographer backstage and the changing clothes. Off the catwalk young models are just as popular in the pages of glossy magazine. Last year this ten year old made headlines for her provocative poses and French -- Lindsay Woodson got her started the pace of new -- -- only fifteen. But now the industry is trying to regulate itself Diane von Furstenberg was president of the fashion council. Even -- designers to require models to show identification. To prove their age. Ford models that represented the two girls in the Jacobs -- said we take the age of maturity of our models very seriously. We work on a case by case basis -- kind of perspective -- parents to make a determination as to whether they are ready to walk the runway. But -- for Jacobs he insists that he should be able to do what ever you want. The show where I think should be an -- -- And while -- says there is no controversy he is considered highly influential in the fashion community and in this runway show his young models wore huge Dr. Seuss style furry hats. That covered their head's -- I think that okay this is gonna go on -- thanks very much.

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{"id":15711790,"title":"Marc Jacobs Features Underage Models in Show","duration":"2:55","description":"Designer is a member of the council that set the modeling age-limit at 16.","url":"/GMA/video/marc-jacobs-features-underage-models-show-15711790","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}