March Madness 2017 Elite Eight match highlights

ESPN's Tony Reali reports the latest news on the college basketball tournament.
3:17 | 03/26/17

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Transcript for March Madness 2017 Elite Eight match highlights
For Good. Test Text1 plain Ah, March Madness littered with broken dreams and Cinderella stories. And full-court shots. Amazing shots. They didn't count it. Too bad. It would have been a turning point for Xavier. By tend of the day, we'll know all the teams in the final four. First, the highlights overnight. Reporter: Overnight, history. The Gonzaga bulldogs making the final four. Their first trip ever. And the Oregon ducks, punching a ticket for the first time since 1939. For Gonzaga, the long-time Cinderella finally playing for a chance to become basketball royalty. The top team in the west controlling 11th seeded Xavier throughout. Williams scores! Reporter: Xavier needed the improbable. A loose ball, bouncing into the basket. Oh, my goodness! Reporter: Zags breaking away in the second half. A buzzer-beating three, the exclamation point. 83-59, the final. How about the Oregon ducks. The three seed stunning top seed Kansas. Jordan bell, a one-man wrecking crew. 11 points. 13 rebounds. 8 blocks. And hustle. Reporter: Kansas discombobulated by the dunk all game. Jayhawks came in averaging 96 points. Scored 60. Oregon, the best run in program history since they won the first tournament in 1939. And Tony joins us now. If you picked Gonzaga, not gone-zog-ga, I've been corrected, it's looking like a good pick. There's a lot to like. Mark few, 54 years young. Look at this. What did he say afterwards? Few. They're a very balanced team. They're ready to put away the Cinderella slipper for good. Maybe put on something more stylish. I have my tennis shoes on right now. Don't ask me. Oregon, I mean, there's a lot of feel-food St feel-good stories all around. The headline. 1939. The wandering web foots whip Ohio state. That's what the headlines said in 1939. I wish we could call them the wandering web foots. Kiss your bad breaking good-bye. The final four, good morning. This was a surprise to me. Kansas was looking good. Oregon looked great last night. Real quick. Florida and South Carolina. Then unc and Kentucky. Who do you like? I think you know my bracket. This is March sadness for me at this point. Unc-kentucky could be the game of the tournament. Get your popcorn ready. I loved the evolution of the cartoon characters. I know, right. Send a banana cream pie to Dan. We'll explain later. Everybody, "Pop news" is good. I want to know the connection between web foot and halitosis. Told you have cancer? Start with a specialist. Start where you'll find advanced technology,

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"ESPN's Tony Reali reports the latest news on the college basketball tournament.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46382305","title":"March Madness 2017 Elite Eight match highlights","url":"/GMA/video/march-madness-2017-elite-match-highlights-46382305"}