Marcia Cross Dishes on 'Housewives'

Actress who plays Bree on "Desperate Housewives" chats about end of ABC show.
5:11 | 12/01/11

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Transcript for Marcia Cross Dishes on 'Housewives'
Robin has a a visitor. Special guest. You know Brian what I'm real proud I'll also talk and -- go to Jennifer -- have mutual friends are getting. Getting caught up for our -- the backstabbing love affairs and other high drama with caraway will soon be replaced by. Pick the sixth at least had the ground breaking show Desperate Housewives is just about halfway through its final season and joining us now to look back I had. Our dear friend Marcia Cross who plays that -- still perfect perfectionism -- Robert this season you know that she's back drinking and -- -- he is she's in such a tailspin at the moment on the -- -- -- -- out maybe this ms. Lieberman got Aaron. -- minor ten years later. -- turning -- and you have a have a vested interest in her character. And it's coming to be the end of the season that -- the series do you want some. You know some some things resolved they have an idea of what you would like to see it -- for her. Actually dealing I don't know I have no idea what -- gonna do but I do you think would be interesting -- she sort of she is the most sort of unconscious and -- to Begin with and it would be somehow nicer all these years she sort of came from -- to herself and an awareness. But not necessarily becomes a different person -- -- you know aware. Embracing it she there's got to be so many mixed emotions right now -- a halfway through the final season what's it like. I welcome even closer because -- it just you know that thing -- -- kind of clinging to each other. You know for those last moments. I definitely feel like it's the right time -- and the united. I feel like you have to embrace endings as well as beginnings even though it frees up pain and loss and I'll be falling hardest probably. Because I don't like it buys its hard but it but it is the right time in. It didn't bring Iran Russia and the fact that you've had the core group to gather the entire time. Has to be comforting PM -- is not one you know one of us to sleep and just bring in a replacement as we all had to end together so. That's a strong way to go out and you are going out strong -- of play a clip from this Sunday's episode. Clothing you the other housewives are in and again -- -- notes in her murder on the cover art and mayhem ride your boyfriends like hot streak and all natural envelope so pretty -- -- -- -- -- -- this coming -- -- Sunday. I can to -- tonight. -- I can't stand this anymore can't we talk from heat behind his staff to what -- we can kind of talk didn't think we need. He interrogated us mile mark and Susan and he called -- down to the station and -- that's one by one I mean he calmed -- down there good question -- missile things about you. Talking about -- he wants this change goes to bring you down and walk down with you. -- please. I will figure out a way to make things better now. You won't this isn't going to stop until -- stopped. And the music slashes. Expeditious drama. Gosh yes. That's I never watch the -- says Rick and I'm really. A look at their advantage but I'm pretty much I loved Daryn how beautiful she was an iron room leaving the scene yes you answered that too long ago as soon as saying the same thing makes about everybody I'm not even considered. I'm exhausted all the time my two wonderful children and -- -- husband and I and Michael. Look at even she's like in El Salvador and Susan Democrats CN -- know this light -- yet anyway. With a lot of charity work that I gave my -- my children but but less less -- less because you know my girls we need more Marceau. I do what I can and -- spread then could so is this an opportunity freed -- This -- wrapping up to spend more time with them he said he wanted to classroom. Oh gosh cameras they don't really have anything offer because unlike Brea you know I'm not. The hostess with the most is but I'm I'm I'm will be there for them hook line and -- area and I'm sure they're looking forward to that you are too if you think you're could have. -- about giving up acting report this -- I was. Almost and my way to being a therapist and I thought it was the tendon I have one last audition and and I'm saying goodbye OK -- it's -- -- going to be in this building. And then I got the job that was for ever would and then after that I still thought I was going to be done that they said -- -- this great power you have to read for -- -- -- I wanted to be Mary Alice which was the voice over. Because I want it to have a child I thought I might be a single mother and I'm telling -- my whole -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Always a delight and such a talent and I know that there's -- next act for you. Now where we'll be watching -- has always been let's grab for the comparable -- -- -- I -- Desperate Housewives airs on ABC Sunday night a fitting that you -- here.

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"Actress who plays Bree on \"Desperate Housewives\" chats about end of ABC show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15064235","title":"Marcia Cross Dishes on 'Housewives'","url":"/GMA/video/marcia-cross-dishes-final-season-desperate-housewives-15064235"}