Marco Rubio: Chris Christie's Speech a Defense of Leadership

The Florida senator discusses the RNC speeches and upcoming election.
3:00 | 08/29/12

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Transcript for Marco Rubio: Chris Christie's Speech a Defense of Leadership
Let's look ahead at the man who will be introducing governor romney tomorrow night. That's the home state senator, marco rubio. Good morning, senator. Good morning. Chris christie, firing up the crowd. Some people noting it took him a while to get to mitt romney. It takes the moments in the beginning to build the case. If you listen to the speech, it was a carefully-crafted, well-delivered speech about what leadership was about. Some of the choices we have to make are not popular. That's what leadership is about. The conclusion is the one he needed to make. Mitt romney is the only one running for president that's going to tell us the hard truth. And is going to help us confront the challenges we have. Tonight, paul ryan. No question he's going to be popular in this crowd right here. You saw what the democrats did the minute he was picked, right here in florida. They come out and say his plans will end medicare as we know it. Did his choice hurt mitt romney's candidacy? Absolutely not. Tonight, millions who don't know paul ryan are going to get to know paul ryan as many of us know him. As a serious policy thinker. Someone who brings a unique life experience because of his age, because of our generation. But at the same time, someone who is as deep and serious a thinker about our issues as ever before. On medicare, the democrats will argue that the voucher plan will put the risks of the rising costs on the backs of the beneficiaries. In florida, where I represent 3 million people on medicare, one of them is my mother. The other is paul ryan's mother. They understand reality. If mitt romney's going to win this race, he has to do better with hispanic voters than he is doing right now, right? He has to do better with all voters. And our message is one that appeals to all voters. At the end of the day, no community in america has been impacted more by the failures of this administration's policies. Your party has a platform that calls for self-deportation of 11 million illegal immigrants. Democrats are taking aim of that. Look at what the chairman of the democratic convention, the mayor of l.A., That you cannot put out a brown face or hispanic surname and get votes. What he is saying is true for both parties. Policies matter. We have to be the pro-legal immigration party. And mitt romney has done that. President obama has suspended the deportation of young immigrants brought here by their parents. It's been hard to figure out where mitt romney is on this issue. You talk about hard truths. What is the hard truth here? Will he rescind that executive order? Or keep it in place? When he is president, there will be a permanent solution. What about the executive order? You have constitutional problems that ignores the separation of powers. He will rescind it? I don't know what he will do on the policy. He will replace it. What do you hope to do tomorrow night? I hope to present to the people in the united states, with the few minutes I have, two things. A unique human being, mitt romney, a role model. Irrespectful how people may think about his policies. They may disagree with him on policies. And the choice that americans have. Two different views of government in our economy. It's not just a choice between a democrat and a republican. It's the choice between different futures. Thank you, senator. We'll have much more from the

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{"id":17103025,"title":"Marco Rubio: Chris Christie's Speech a Defense of Leadership","duration":"3:00","description":"The Florida senator discusses the RNC speeches and upcoming election.","url":"/GMA/video/marco-rubio-chris-christies-speech-defense-leadership-17103025","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}