Marcus Samuelsson's Grilled Rib Eye on the Bone

The Red Rooster Harlem chef and author of "Yes, Chef" grills up something special.
3:00 | 08/29/12

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Transcript for Marcus Samuelsson's Grilled Rib Eye on the Bone
Back, now, with one of my personal favorites. Marcus samuelsson. We've been waiting to try these all morning long. Author and chef at red roof harlem. And what did you bring? I brought the big steak. The rib eye on the bone. On the bone. You did some ribeyes on "good morning america," without the bone. Bone out. Bone out. Bone-in steaks, by all -- more tender, all of it. I love cooking the steaks bone-in. They get a little more use ijuicier. And you want to let them rest. That's the key. You slice them right away, all of the juices are going to go. How long do we let them rest? Ten minutes. This is about celebrating the flavors of summer. I grilled a little scallions. A little garlic and some chile. We're going to mix that up. And that's going to become our vinaigrette. You put that in. There you go. Yes, chef. You're doing it. That's great. I'm putting the garlic in. A little mustard. You loour mustard. And we're going to put a little worcester sauce in. And we're good. That's the vinaigrette. She's already eating. Cool it, lara. What do we think? Phenomenal. Here they are. They've been resting. You have the juices ready. Where's our vinaigrette? This is the vinaigrette. It's about celebrating the summer. We charred some corn. We have a little bit of olives. E corn is very sweet. Really, with this salad, charred corn salad, you can get what you like in there. Any kind of vegetables. This is corn season. It's tomato season. This is delightful. What a way -- could you also use this sauce on a chicken? Fish, on chicken, with your corn. This is just a wonderful mix of olive oil. I want to get to this. Watermelon ice cubes, this drink. When you have a party, this is really -- this is iced tea. This is my recipe. This is watermelon iced tea. I even did watermelon iced cubes. Cheers. These are frozen pieces of watermelon. As much as I don't want to admit that summer is drawing to a close, if it has to draw to a close, it might as well come out like this. Summertime treats on goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! He's marcus samuelsson.

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{"id":17104101,"title":"Marcus Samuelsson's Grilled Rib Eye on the Bone","duration":"3:00","description":"The Red Rooster Harlem chef and author of \"Yes, Chef\" grills up something special.","url":"/GMA/video/marcus-samuelssons-grilled-rib-eye-bone-17104101","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}