Mariah Carey on Cannon's Need for Lifestyle Change

Singer explains how husband Nick Cannon's illness hit the couple "very hard."
5:53 | 02/21/12

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Transcript for Mariah Carey on Cannon's Need for Lifestyle Change
We continue our conversation. You got a lot of tongues wagging with the you're you're you're great transformation. And I know you've been working with with Jenny Craig get healthy -- oh in the grand and they definitely helped that huge deal I think they're great support. System for people out there who may -- -- enough -- out of programs and -- a genuine thing it's not Lego whatever you know I honestly feel that way. Still political questions before asking about so what else has -- that you're doing in a great program but what are in. Well -- changing your eating style yet I mean there's that there are other things a bit Jenny actually you know. Helps the average person doesn't know figure out -- -- can also eat more vegetables and fruit and do that type of stuff which is not like. People's most favorite thing with the food itself tastes really good I know -- -- -- -- -- -- case he was on it but I think it again had a comers okay. Yeah. And I nobody is but it's really good but I also am I I worked out as well -- and -- don't knock out you have to work out. And that thousands of the American Heart Association thing because it's more healthy. To actually -- gotta get up and move around a little bit. Meant little thing about these things that's your of those twins keep you moving and baby did -- -- yes they do now is nick doing -- is doing well mom. You know it's a very complicated thing and I and I know he spoke on it himself. I feel a little bit -- because I don't know exactly what he was revealing when he talked to people with that the best thing I think was the choice that he made. To leave the radio show and just focus on AZT -- up all night which just went NAACP land for so that was pretty. It was just something that hit us really hard at the top of the year. And he comments yet we wound up in the house that's an -- at the hospital exactly when you tweeted this Mariah mania hits women we didn't know how to get dealing moment -- did you know it was like before this the substance. This is so it is a gradual thing and we ended up in a couple of hospitals this year -- but. Now he is doing better if that thing it's like he's a young and healthy person and it's just it's about changing the lifestyle again it's just a lifestyle choice in just an awareness of of what can really happen to no matter how young -- in -- I think you are vibrant. So I think you know he's gonna turn lucky always this time that -- happening -- a positive thing and I think that's why this American Heart Association. Union that you know I'm dealing with is a great thing for me and for our kids and going forward it is perfectly what we have some of your questions and they are great as solid that we got so many people -- Or are sending -- -- and somebody went in though from Houston how do you believe motherhood has changed your life. Well I feel like the pregnancy itself because I had I mean out of one of them to -- the drama doesn't sound like a complainer but when you carry twins. As a whole another thing and so physically I went through it and I was almost like his days. Our means God's way of preparing us of what it's really going to be in my -- this is -- true responsibility. -- it's a complete. That's the relative Rawlings forever he headed banners everybody it is my babies -- right now eighteen. But yes -- -- -- -- -- that we miss Monroe's favorite that's messed around Atlanta and rock on the right on Iraq and Scott can't we come on rock rap star. Com and it actually this is great because we get to talk about. The fragrance that was. Sort of inspired by mean -- and the babies were born on our wedding anniversary which we get we renew our vows every year people elect -- -- Like that's coincidence that it lives this that and the -- -- something like -- and the thing is they almost -- going to be born on another anniversary 327 inches. Day of someone's birth and then come. I don't have birthdays -- and who's here. But and I was like oh my can that be so -- -- they would've been -- way too early news I did everything I could to keep them in for 35 weeks and it was a really long tough thing. But. Anyway this forever love contests is something that. Is now the winners of being selected as we speak it's sort of the re launching this fragrance and it's nick -- -- on the beach and our honeymoon that's my goal to be back there where I was three years -- but. Yes so it's kind of like a celebration of what's been going -- with us and then we got hit by these other obstacles what it's like keep going we'll that's what's -- -- one asking varieties that you have been through so much. This is from Jessica in Louisiana -- -- have you been to so much this past year. What point would you say what's the hardest and what did you do to get through it. This past year being like. When it went -- began and I mean there's so many different things that that I went through -- additional diabetes when I -- the baby's taxi union for Clancy. So that was a whole thing and and I had never dealt with a physical thing like that either so that was one obstacle. And then of course you know -- being. Going through his health issues that's a huge obstacle. And taking on that role of figuring out how to be how to help the -- had to be good caretaker and stuff like that. -- of being on mom like being. A mom and figuring out how to get that time that the babies of course I have help a -- and say don't have people helping me and I am so grateful. To them you know and there's there's. Two nannies like helping me out right now but I spend as much time as I can even -- up like. If I'm up all my working I'll be making literally make an apparent area and the baby you know the baby bullet that -- hurting you gotta get it if you don't. -- it that it really get the latest incident was smiling she didn't matter that much and getting that smiling I had to pay your music helps us get through some very difficult time do you say you working on some mountain working on something I get the -- -- next week and then see if that happens some and that's very. It just happened -- -- is appropriate for the moment right now also going to be so we're saying thank you if Ankara.

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{"id":15757010,"title":"Mariah Carey on Cannon's Need for Lifestyle Change","duration":"5:53","description":"Singer explains how husband Nick Cannon's illness hit the couple \"very hard.\"","url":"/GMA/video/mariah-carey-nick-cannons-lifestyle-change-health-scare-15757010","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}