Marine on Date With Timberlake

Singer says he was "lucky" to attend Marine Corps Birthday Ball with Marine.
3:31 | 11/15/11

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Transcript for Marine on Date With Timberlake
Is now right there is corporal healthy dissent this and burst of ball thank you for your service and you won't be well. On Saturday were you nervous at all morning good morning. Nervous I just in military expects really -- super super excited on my good friends are there and three saying you know on. Pop -- -- -- to bring it you're ready to get out did you bring on the dance floor. No I'm quite cloudy day of sir I didn't -- on the gas fired but. It's really did have what we did have one dance that is our entire group -- -- out there and had a good times the way it looked like -- that you had a good time we saw the pictures and be getting ready and think the anticipation sometimes it's just as great. As the actual -- so what was your favorite part of the whole night. There are summing -- parts honestly I have to say as soon as this ceremony ended. Not only -- silicon his face but as well as silicon and announces phase in the ceiling. An entire room Boone with a lot of people I would imagine coming up your table I think that you probably were very popular couple at the balls weren't you. I -- so but -- it was it. It was a great time he had a smile on his face the entire time in -- seeing pictures if -- Fong are talking seeking hands in his brain. And it must mean something to you that the fact that. But Justin on his blog -- he said that he was the one that was honored. That. Thanking you for your service and that everyone's making a big deal like oh you're so lucky that he was the one. Who felt so lucky -- that make you feel. Honestly about -- he felt absolutely honored because there's a lot and Marines in. I certainly -- their and that and are my heroes and -- giants. -- we -- smell loss means so IA it was a complete on parents -- -- -- act series with someone. So selfless hasn't self was that a great thing. The when I release that he had a lot of favorite parts but what. Are you going to remember what is going to be -- lasting memory of that night. Lasting memory. I have to say the right after the ceremony. The look on his face we -- locked eyes than it was back. We're we're both grateful for the things that. -- -- -- -- sparing them. Does everything that. Our militaries and friends in the Marines -- tonight my goodness you know it gave me chills just thinking about that and that you all of we -- felt that way all right all the women here and they're they're begging me to ask it even Georges saint. Did he get a good night here. -- on -- over what one -- tell us what happened. At the love as we -- our devising and bad -- in our entire group and here's a complete gentleman. An and we just -- it -- and and part our ways it was it was more of the of a group of seeing -- that -- -- -- -- on the action that's not taken out of context currently a little doubt about the little thing about way under -- -- Reflecting -- thank you think you again primarily. For your service and that of all of here. Hear your classmates and and and everyone else there that was -- we really appreciate it thanks for being such a great sport. -- take care -- think you.

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{"id":14955089,"title":"Marine on Date With Timberlake","duration":"3:31","description":"Singer says he was \"lucky\" to attend Marine Corps Birthday Ball with Marine.","url":"/GMA/video/marine-discusses-date-justin-timberlake-14955089","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}