Mila Kunis' Date With Marine

Moore brought a Hollywood actress to the Marine Corps ball after YouTube invite.
2:55 | 11/21/11

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Transcript for Mila Kunis' Date With Marine
Joining us now with marine Sargent Scott patent war and they are still smiling -- man. Quite a blind date even though you knew who she was gets more blonde for her probably -- noting that. This is that everything -- -- hoping expecting one thing it was a blast is a great time so yes he. They exceed my expected -- What -- critics. We actually talked about this I've seen a couple other movies and and she's obviously pretty terrible that so I don't know like it's five CB phones so I think there -- a bit about the night some some what surprised you the most. Really just how -- -- as she was conscious and normal girl -- very interested to learn about our history in our traditions and what the ball is all about. Interested in meeting all my friends in the room coworkers so. Did you really think she was gonna show -- here in Afghanistan when did the tape nice and the four million views later. Did you really think she was gonna take you up on this. Not right away but I thought I had a chance so I do it it's -- put it on there I thought. Why not sudden it worked out for me but I did that. We all are and she was able to meet some your friends you guys were in Afghanistan and an unfortunately lost some -- -- -- Milos experience and one sailor and great opportunity for heard to see that side room and for us to celebrate their lives together. And I got to introduce -- two wins -- Tillman is a marine who lost his leg. In an -- blast and -- Getting good time and get to meet her and she got to meet his wife as well we'll talk to them for a couple minutes. Is very memorable -- -- that he was out on the dance floor with his wheelchair and salute you all had a hard time keeping up with yes. Did you did you dance with new we danced a little bit but for the most part it was just trying to explain everything -- there's a lot to explain and lot of people's introduce it to -- There -- busy busy night okay I've got to be fair because Clinton corporal Kelsey was here talk to her about Justin Timberlake. And the night hands and people wanna know was there a goodnight -- because I asked her I have to ask. -- I understand now -- it but that we we promise to keep in touch and -- a lot of fun we got along really well so crucial to and what's next for you young man. I plan go to school using GI bill after this -- hopefully -- Well wonderful well. I'm sure it was a memorable night very much -- -- and again thank you for all that you and your others that they do love seeing. The uniform here with us today we appreciate your support you got a wonderful. So cute I think I can say why she said yes to you when he had the sunglasses on and everything -- -- the -- in the eyes like that. Well done well done sir well done.

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{"id":14996865,"title":"Mila Kunis' Date With Marine","duration":"2:55","description":"Moore brought a Hollywood actress to the Marine Corps ball after YouTube invite.","url":"/GMA/video/marine-sgt-scott-moore-date-mila-kunis-marine-14996865","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}