Mario Batali's Green Fettuccine With Pancetta, Asparagus

Co-host of "The Chew" prepares recipes with fresh ingredients just coming into season.
3:37 | 04/22/13

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Transcript for Mario Batali's Green Fettuccine With Pancetta, Asparagus
We are delighted, yeah, just dive in, why not? I have to actually talk. To introduce our good friend, from "the chew." Glorious restaurants in and about the city of new york and elsewhere, he is mario batali. Dishes with fresh, seasonal ingredients perfect for earth day. We love to celebrate sustainability and smaller carbon footprints. We giveut seed pacts. Have the edible garden. We were giving out basil seed pacts. You can say basil, if you like. I have this made out of -- i take some blanched asparagus and toss it with pancetta. This is when you wish your tv was scratch and sniff. And then I take jalapeno pesto. You have to hear the sizzle. Oh, oh can you hear it? Oh, oh. And then -- we take the noodles, just a little bit of butter. I like that. The stomach from a cow. Cows celebrate earth day, too. Everybody celebrates earth day, too, because it's about maintaining the earth for the generations that follow us. I lerpd this from you. Get your pasta into the sauce. You want it working and meeting each other and hanging out for awhile. Right. The you have watched a lot of the mama leone ads from the '60s, SHE WOULD THROW THE SAUCE On top. The noodle and the condiment come together. Now, we splash a little bit of that pasta water in there. Get it the perfect texture. I can tell you, robin joining us inside is this -- thumbs up? Oh, look at robin. A little bit of peccorino romano. You could use parmesano-reggiano. Hello, springtime. Hello, earth day. Hold on. Just a little bit more. Oh, yeah. Wait a minute, lara, can you take over from here. To continue the celebration, bruschetta and mozzarella are ramps. Wild baby spring onions. You choep them up, put them on toasted bread. Here, spring peas. These are like still crisp. Tender and wonderful. Congratulations to you. You're getting an award. A special honor from the food bank of new york. The can-do award. Me and my wife have been co-hosting the awards in the last couple of years. Along with diane sawyer, we're getting an award. Our croc-loviniend of the program. He's also on "the chew." It airs at 1:00 eastern weekdays.

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{"id":19015406,"title":"Mario Batali's Green Fettuccine With Pancetta, Asparagus","duration":"3:37","description":"Co-host of \"The Chew\" prepares recipes with fresh ingredients just coming into season.","url":"/GMA/video/mario-batali-spring-dinner-recipes-green-fettuccine-pancetta-19015406","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}