Mario Batali's Not-Baked Lasagna

Recipes from the chef's new book "Simple Family Meals from My Home to Yours."
4:04 | 10/28/11

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Transcript for Mario Batali's Not-Baked Lasagna
-- -- -- in the rescue they're coming from this new book great new book. -- -- simple fall meals from my home. You want him to -- An honor to be human events great to have yet in the very -- that -- cool day. In Times Square foot as the -- -- put me to work. But -- -- -- -- -- -- a couple of do what we're gonna make one this we're gonna talk about a couple. We're making -- that game which most people think it was a big guess we're just doing it not out -- is and that's a new look like that. How life about two inches. Because it Villanova there was the -- that he got a little yeah that's probably right here we got a look at. And then over here. What I've got going on its the last bit of tomatoes from the Green my beautiful day it costs so little -- landed. A little bit of extra virgin olive oil -- Some -- made. And he's heirloom tomatoes but the end of this season their breeze sweet pretty delicious. You throw -- a little salt so they start to break backyard here. -- old varieties that big farming doesn't like because they don't sit very well. But very much more delicious and they have a little bit more of the characteristics of different places where they come out. Don't we talk about what slope crude fell about it's about maintaining bio diversity keeping -- separate as best they can. We're gonna take -- -- all of us. A tablespoon of all -- past. And then some -- -- leaves go right in like that. And the key to understanding really good cops is making sure that it tiny little bit of the pasta water. Goes -- into the sauce. -- you toss it around like that beautiful man. Wedding because it makes the sauce come together there's a little bit of darkness that comes out of the new rules that add to that this got through the sauce and allows the -- -- and the continent to come together. As one in the what you think. -- -- -- Now we're gonna -- -- gonna take these noodles. I just toss them in -- and with the and that's the key the key to understanding really good pasta. Is that the -- and that tied the -- and the condiment. Cook together. At the very last second and become one thing you ought to get a couple more out of there yeah. -- -- -- There we -- Now we tossed around like that but we had a little bit and either stymied shadow ridge piano or. I really don't now. The company the average I would think she and and then just take get right to the plate but -- -- -- and then he is that it's. All about the balance of the tomatoes. The noodles. And the -- now there's a couple of other recipes from that new book right here. Tell them what every good -- -- -- the -- Tony's really critical -- -- get Tony returned after we get Tony it's with a little bit of sausage and a little bit. -- -- -- And then there's also. Some phone Tina phone -- -- which is upon to do with pan roasted pumpkin which I think is absolutely delicious -- -- season commended the end there because we have our parent. And on the it's fantastic isn't right hazelnut and almost exactly right in there and there absolutely simple and delicious this is what seasons are all about this is what cooking -- and -- little about and that's the whole book your life. -- -- -- They -- the kids and occasionally gets most of hardly eat dinner with your family every. Thank you Kyra thanks Kelly excellent quality on -- we had a blessings of -- You're clearly we -- -- -- rusty Good Morning America not I'm not take she's on every weekday.

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{"id":14834001,"title":"Mario Batali's Not-Baked Lasagna ","duration":"4:04","description":"Recipes from the chef's new book \"Simple Family Meals from My Home to Yours.\"","url":"/GMA/video/mario-batalis-baked-lasagna-14834001","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}