Mark Cuban Discusses 'Shark Tank's' 3rd Season

Dallas Mavericks owner previews latest product proposals of hit show.
2:05 | 01/20/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mark Cuban Discusses 'Shark Tank's' 3rd Season
-- Cuban the billionaire businessman who also stars in shark tank returning tonight for its third season ABC -- -- also the Dallas Mavericks Robin just reminding us. They think that in six NBA champs -- mavericks think I'm. I hate to say at all -- just to be contrary. Tell us about -- they gotta love the whole idea that you and some other big time business -- Angel investors. She received pitches on air right we'll watch -- -- business this is like -- American Idol for business. People walk in the -- there's five of us and it's called shark tank for a reason that -- with their idea tough and tough really tough you know everybody's got that one business that they think you're just gonna make them billions of dollars. What we give them a dose -- reality and sometimes we like the idea sometimes -- like -- so much more W battle among each other. Sometimes you just crucified. For him if killer battles this year. You know what the other sharks think they're gonna battle but I can't provide. And I -- film and that's the fun part because. The opportunity we've got some great ideas that come in the door like these guys and the opportunity to make money I'm not qualified third season -- at best I gave -- On the best one I've invested insofar as chemical toy hero I've got three young kids to five and eight and the one constant is you buy them something that they've been dying to have an and they -- twenty days later right if if you're lucky that I like and I support Hulu dot com -- Netflix for kids -- -- for toys so you pay your 35 dollars give or take a month. And every month they send you new box of toys you box up the old one. And so they're always getting new fresh or you up -- down now. On the show. Arm when needed making money globally on -- -- do you think other -- you can look at the -- because they get another sharks like committed a little -- not even the sharks have some -- is -- once you wish you gotten in the -- yeah -- there's this guy on big -- right and he had these shrimp sandwiches and one -- -- things in business you have to try to stick to what you know and mushroom sandwiches from real hot -- right. But unlike the guy who's a great -- -- -- -- a great idea had the heart behind it. And I passed and now he went from 200000 sales just a year ago. To over six million in yeah that is I don't like bosh I thought that was just have a great deal in real life were real life long secret -- HDTV tell us about its bomb. Pasty -- been in business for ten years now where the first all high definition TV network kind of saw the future -- television. And now it's time for us to transition so we're Ryan Seacrest and I got together we're gonna start re branding HD net June to a network -- access TV. So Ryan in the ideas for us to beat the light source and destination for pop culture. To just like Josh was on ESPN all the time and there's somebody -- for sports just like you -- news all the time. But something's breaking the pop culture there's no place on television that you know you can turn to and there's going to be a live coverage after 805 it Aaliyah the -- Thanks very much sandy Dodgers for sale I'll just just reminding -- mark good things like our dinner tonight at 8:7 central right here on ABC.

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{"duration":"2:05","description":"Dallas Mavericks owner previews latest product proposals of hit show.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15402870","title":"Mark Cuban Discusses 'Shark Tank's' 3rd Season","url":"/GMA/video/mark-cuban-discusses-shark-tanks-3rd-season-15402870"}