Markets Surge, Records Strongest Month in 25 Years

European debt deal, strong news about U.S. economy send Dow Jones up 300 points.
2:14 | 10/28/11

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Transcript for Markets Surge, Records Strongest Month in 25 Years
Now let's turn the economy and the stock market's winning streak continued overnight climbing in both Europe and Asia. After yesterday's more than 300 point rise in the Dow Wall Street is now on track for its strongest month in 25 years. We're certainly get some good news about the broader economy to so let's bring in our friend and financial journalist Trish Regan to talk about it. And this these growth numbers we're we're good yesterday 2.5 percent double the summer the previous quarter but still only half as much as need to create real jobs. -- right George -- -- they were good but they were not great and right now. We need great if we're actually gonna get this economy back on course and a big way and put people back to work. 21 half percent growth is something at least we are growing but when you're talking about needing to bring unemployment rate down from 9%. He need to be looking for a percent growth are upwards of that two and a half percent isn't -- -- cut. But the reason I guess that investors are so encourages -- -- -- such a whole. Earlier this -- -- so much concern about a second recession and double dip off. The table not the table I -- two and a half percent again is not enough to generate jobs. And don't forget a lot of these numbers have been read fines. Recently downward so we don't know exactly what a final number might even be it may not -- two and a half percent you've got a real estate market it's still. Suffering with millions of home -- underwater in their mortgages. You've got a job market that's. Clearly. Not on a stable path and you got a lot of Americans that are reluctant to get out there and spend I would say one little glimmer of hope and here George is that in the last three months he did see Americans the last. And spend a bit of money they actually dipped into their savings that so that's sort of -- -- in some ways some of that consumer spending and they dipped into savings to. Mean -- things that we necessities like health -- so in ten seconds what is the big thing you're looking forward -- we are back. We -- I mean he -- jobs that's the reality of the situation and in order to get jobs you gotta have corporations. Are earning money and feeling confident about the future. Confident enough to go out there any best in people any vesting infrastructure -- the one big word confidence of hatred treatment thanks very much.

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{"id":14832921,"title":"Markets Surge, Records Strongest Month in 25 Years","duration":"2:14","description":"European debt deal, strong news about U.S. economy send Dow Jones up 300 points.","url":"/GMA/video/markets-surge-records-strongest-month-25-years-14832921","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}