Marlee Matlin in Landmark 'Switched at Birth' Episode

Actress discusses taking a risk in using American Sign Language and subtitles on ABC Family's "Switched at Birth."
3:00 | 03/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Marlee Matlin in Landmark 'Switched at Birth' Episode
Test Text1 u One of our favorites, marlee matlin is an oscar-winning actress, producer, author, and one of our "dancing with the stars" favorites. Now she snars a ground breaking episode of the abc family drama "switched at birth. Translator: Hello, robin. Nice to have you here. Translator: Thank you, so great to be here with you. This is wonderful. Tonight is incredibly special. The entire show sign language. That must mean so much to you. Translator: It is an amazing, amazing journey for me, having been in the business for 28 years where I began trying to get my language, american sign language, across to anyone who happens to watch a film or television program. On to have the opportunity to not have to explain the culture. Tonight, the entire episode is just perfectly design to show and highlight to the whole world what is all about. American sign language. We're going show a bit of a clip. You and the character, lea thompson, you're moms. Fighting for your children's school. Let's tlook. "Sbiched at birth." So powerful. So -- Translator: It is extremely powerful. Trying to let people know that deaf and heaard of hearing people have a culture, a language, they're lives. And to try to meld it with the hearing world. To show we live if cooperation with each other. I group in main stream schools with deaf programs, interpreters. We always used sign language. We always spoke. Tonight's episode is all signed in american sign language, with subtitles. Never done before. I'm so proud to be part of it. And you should be. This was also based in part on a true story. Gallaudet. Translator: It was 25 years ago. Up until that point, hearing presidents ran the university. They decided it was time for a deaf president. The person they had chosen was good, but it didn't fit. They made their own choice. That's what it was all about. Getting the message across that it's time for deaf people to take care of their own lives. Deaf people can do anything except hear. Amen to that. Your next project, you're going help people to learn how to sign, right? Translator: I have an app. Marlee signs. It's on iphone platforms. It teaches sign language. Basic words. To increase the awareness of sign language there. I'm still on "switched at birth." And trying to produce other movies. I'm a mom of four, too. Four. I know. There's an app for that. You're more likely to do the app than the book. Translator: It's all about soccer every weekend. We'll see what we can do. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, and thank you, jack, as well. "Switched at birth" airs tonight as well. Coming up, fashion is going to the dogs. These pooches are headed to the

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{"id":18647923,"title":"Marlee Matlin in Landmark 'Switched at Birth' Episode","duration":"3:00","description":"Actress discusses taking a risk in using American Sign Language and subtitles on ABC Family's \"Switched at Birth.\"","url":"/GMA/video/marlee-matlininterview-actress-star-switched-birth-abc-drama-18647923","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}