Marriage Proposal at 'GMA' Macklemore Concert

A love story takes center stage at the summer concert series.
3:35 | 08/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Marriage Proposal at 'GMA' Macklemore Concert
-- Lamar Ryan Lewis really rocked our summer concert series yesterday we all agree the performance was one of the top GMA concert ever. And fat Mac -- at the top trending -- on Twitter after that show. -- now are sharing a special moment you may -- when a love story took center stage. That's gone viral. -- took her girlfriend Valerie fifteen Matthew Moran Ryan Lewis -- GMA summer concert series to celebrate their one year anniversary. Hoping to catch a live performance of one of their favorite songs. They loved. The first time we heard it we -- both sharing -- back. And while they stood in the crowd their signed proudly proclaiming same love that Hillary got an idea IA was behind parent and I -- the senator back and I chicken scratch. And I proposed and I got France -- So exactly on the -- she was planning on popping the question soon so she has the ring with her. And during the commercial break our warmup comedian. -- Once you look. And -- eyes and I said are you serious about this. She said yes I really want -- -- to my girlfriend and she said with such intensity they had the old woman on stage. The couple women onstage Valerie got down on -- in -- and in front of more than 5000. -- -- get together -- they. In and. Way to celebrate their engagement then with Matthew Moore himself. After all he wants singing their -- -- -- -- -- is about time we raised. Okay. Now just hours after the proposal we have the happy couple right here in our studio. Let's say congratulations. And hello to -- Dallas and Karen -- nice guy. OK if I tell -- it's it's great it's great to have you guys here now do something about the specific song that inspired you tell us about. It's just it's a profoundly moving phone. Coming from someone who is street. But supports equal rights to marry. And it's a society that's always looked. And to have that song so well received and it did just. It was it was perfectly. Doing any. Lady entering the port Kerry and check in the -- -- is -- -- -- -- added I -- I felt like. We had people you know -- -- -- and and what -- I did was -- -- -- Before we land and state sent you know I want -- -- -- and you know and when people we're looking at -- I thought they -- just treating us senate pressure and little -- I know when you're there. She and turn the packet -- how can I proposed my girlfriend. And so you know him what other hello and -- real romantic -- the wind behind the rig. I have to bring -- I had thought it be so cool with this could happen. I figured it was one -- a million pounds I thought it he'll still be really beautiful to propose in Central Park after the hunt. So I had it with -- just in case and and then when it was like OK come on stage that I suddenly went what it is. I'm certain real and not who worked him over to you -- as well I am so not carrying elsewhere in Washington our clothes come on -- and I don't know -- congratulations -- having you thank you so much when he landing until we. -- yeah.

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{"id":19989342,"title":"Marriage Proposal at 'GMA' Macklemore Concert","duration":"3:35","description":"A love story takes center stage at the summer concert series.","url":"/GMA/video/marriage-proposal-gma-macklemore-concert-19989342","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}