Mars Rover: '7 Minutes of Terror'

NASA attempts to safely land Curiosity rover on surface of the red planet.
3:00 | 08/05/12

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Transcript for Mars Rover: '7 Minutes of Terror'
Well, now to, to one of nasa's biggest gamble ever, seven minutes of terror, tonight, the mars rover tries to safely land on the surface of the red planet, but there's big fear that any number of things can go wrong. Nasa is hoping to stick the landing. Abc's clayton sandell has the story. Reporter: Good morning, beeian nashgs think of this as kind of a cosmic dismount. In hours from now, nasa will attempt to land the gold with the most complicated landing they ever tried. The ultimate mission to mars. That will have all of nasa holding its breath. As the mars science laboratory hits the planet's atmosphere, scorching 138 degrees before a supersonic parachute hits the brakes. Then using a maneuver never tried to before, sophisticated rockets kick in, a ga lat lactic hole in that requires a perfect choreography. Nasa describes it as seven minutes of terror. Rifling the best hollywood previews. Mars has always been a fierce opponent of the nearly 40 missions humans have hurdled toward the mars planet. 24 spacecraft worth millions of dollars. But if curiosity can pull off the upset and survive. I'm emotionally terrified. Reporter: The rover will embark on a two-year mission, exploring for new clues about past or maybe present life on mars. We're explorers. You know, we see a mountain we want to climb it to a see what's on the other side. Now, as you watch nasa mission control tonight, you may spot a jar of these, peanuts, turns out that it's a kind of ritual to pass them around mission control before a very complicated part of the mission. No one wants to mess with tradition. Just peanuts and beer? Just peanuts. All right, thank you, clayton. President obama is celebrating his 51st birthday this weekend.

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{"id":16932680,"title":"Mars Rover: '7 Minutes of Terror'","duration":"3:00","description":"NASA attempts to safely land Curiosity rover on surface of the red planet.","url":"/GMA/video/mars-rover-minutes-terror-16932680","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}